On dressing the bed.

Let's discuss.

Like creating vignettes, dressing a bed is a very carefully honed skill. One that I have yet to master. I look at photos of well made beds for hours hoping that some of that knowledge and creativity will seep into my bones my brain my hands. Nottayet. I am really at the point with our house (ha. who am i kidding? apartment.) where we have all of the core pieces. Aside from wanting a new console situation in the living room I feel relatively happy with all of the other furniture we have. Now comes the fun part. After all these years of saving for the big stuff it is time to get into the little stuff. The layering. The  pattern texture color. 

We have a king size bed which is the most obnoxious thing you could ever have but we sleep two adults and a dog very comfortably and I will never go back. Right now our bedding is white. All white except for some charcoal grey throw pillows from Canvas. In fact, most of the room is white, in various shades and incarnations, with a healthy dose of wood, metal and an antiqued blue armoire. I want to dress my bed. I know that it'll change the entire room. I'm just hemming and hawing over which direction to go in. I want one million throw pillows, that is for sure. Something to mask the size of the bed. It seems, in my bed studies, that the key to dressing a helluva bed is through layering it. If you go neutral or patterned, layer layer layer. In the crazier patterns have at least two matching of something, two pillows, two shams, two, with various other colors and patterns mixed in.

But hmmmm...so many options.

At one time in my life it was definitely looking like this: 
neutrals, calm, luxe.

I still love this look. It adds visual interest through texture and a play on colors that are all in the same family but juuust slightly different. This is what I have always known and is probably an easier direction to head in. But, oh. Times have changed.

These days it's looking a lot more like this: I WANT PATTERN. Shocking, I know. Who am I? Maybe it's from all the years of living without. Or maybe it's because my eye has finally seen how much richer a room looks with it. 
I want.

Can I please have this.

I'm pretty sure those are the 1000$ pillows from Commune. 


Luckily, because I have used so much white in the past, I've got a good base to work from. It's all in the details. 


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