Seat of the Week: Wishbone.

Wishbone Chair
So hey, I just met you and this is crazy...
Oh wait.

Designed by Hans Wegner, genius extraordinaire, and produced by Carl Hansen and Son.

I am in love. Always have been, always will be.

One of the most versatile chairs I know, it comes in almost two million colors. I love the soaped oak one above because it is so simply beautiful but the lavender does not suck at all. 
In fact, they're all kind of great. So many choices. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

 +Matchy matchy+

 +um yeah. So this is pretty much perfect.+

+Not bad either.+

+Kind of unexpected in a living room but they add a lot of depth here, amongst all of that pastel.+

+The lavender. Oh. I love.+

+Paired with one of my absolute favorite lights of all time.+

+Mom chair, dad chair, baby chair, great rug. Nice little set up.+

+I seriously don't know what the hells bells is going on here but I think I like it.+

+I know some people who would love this baby in orange. It's not for me but it still works.+


+Art on it's own.+

 +So, the Ochre people? They are pretty much in l o v e with this chair.+

 +Don't get me started. I literally cannot look at this house anymore because I want it so so so badly.+

+Cover it in sheepskin and call it a day.+

 +I like the citron. Pretty. Would be really pretty against some wood.+

+Rustic, log cabin heaven.+

You can buy your very own Wishbone here.

PS: This week is starting off on the right foot. I don't know why or how but that peace that I was talking about the other day? You know, the one that I said kind of just descended on me when I turned 34? Yeah. That. It's still here. Yes, some good things are happening to warrant that feeling but I also am just smothered in this knowing that it's all okay. It's not half bad.

PPS: On another note, this week is just over-f*ing-flowing with work. My to do list is so full it's slightly daunting. It's so funny how I'm starting to notice that when you keep putting something off because you don't feel like doing it it just means that it keeps popping up on your list, week after week. Those little things are annoying. And this is the week where they are getting crossed off my list. For good. 


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