Spotlight: Deborah Berke

PS: My DVR is still recording all of the shows I downloaded yesterday. #outofcontrol

I was feeling totally uninspired when I woke up this morning. I blame it on the fog and chill in the air. But then I opened the image folder on my desktop and !WHAM! back it came. Deborah Berke definitely deserves some time in the spotlight. Their interiors work is clean, warm and a tad ironic, as you'll see. I love the use of antiques pieces mixed with modern lines. And, without a doubt, girl (who, in this case, is actually Caroline Wharton, the firms Director of Interior Design) knows how to use brown like no other. 

For the wishbones

 That upholstery is rocking my world.

 This space manages to be the warmest living area despite the cold brick. It is lovely.

 This is quite possibly the perfect window treatment for this space.

 Notice the continuity of detail throughout this home: light fixtures, art, color palette.
Neutral but not boring at all.

 Modern, antique, vintage. 

 That fireplace has got to go. NOW. But I love the color on the chair. See what I'm saying about the browns? They look fresh and updated instead of dowdy and dirty.

 What a luxury to have so much workspace. With all of that light. 
Oh my.

 And in case you didn't see those chairs...obsessed.

 I love that they kept this clean and sparse instead of doing some sort of gallery wall or huge art installation. Just one simple focal point at the end. 

 That bed is stunning. 
I'd go for a different rug though.

 Anyone who uses a Papa Bear is alright with me.

 A nursery minus the frills.

 These chairs. What are they and where can I buy them? They are AMAZING, enough said.

 And a little of that irony. There is so much going on here where to start? The neon table with the Bergere chair? Or the dopeashell art above the fireplace? Whoa. 

 And if that wasn't enough...a little rat bait outside a very gentlemanly room.

The grandest of them all.

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