Spotlight: Katie Ridder.

I cannot possibly explain it in a way to make you understand, that is unless you are a resident of the fine city of San Francisco and by resident I don't mean that you live in the Mission or SOMA, which are always sunny, like, everyday of the week. This summer fog. You just cannot possibly get it until you are forced to live under it's grueling iron fist day in and day out. It'll suck the very life out of you. And along with the life it'll suck the to-do list, the cleaning, the working out, all of it, right out of your body and you will be left lying on your cozy sofa under a blanket with your dog and Downton Abbey. All. Day. Long. I am on a mission to win today. I will succeed!

I need a good dose of color. Wanna check out some Katie Ridder? Ok. I agree. Let's.

To be honest, I'll say that some of it isn't my fave. But she certainly has a way with color and she uses it very liberally. I am definitely more drawn to her muted designs (shocking!). 

 As you'll see, sisters got a knack for little girls rooms. This is just about the cutest thing ever with the pinks and the sheep and the little truck on the windowsill.
It's bigger than my whole apartment but, hey, what are you going to do?

 Again, killing it. That giant roman shade is pretty dope.

Nice use of turquoise and red with the neutrals. Brings some energy into the room.

 If you have ever known a little girl you will fully understand that this would be her heaven. And, because of that red chair in the corner, it is mine too. The bed and the bedding probably cost as much as I make in a year. 

 Pretty traditional but I am really liking the solid red headboard and bed frame. Bold move.

 I think Katie digs the ugly pretty. I like that. This is all just weird in a good way.

 I don't know about the mint green and pink. eh. Headboard is great though.

 Bright and sunny. 
I don't remember what that looks like...

In the details. The light fixtures. The rug. The tile. Done.

 Spindle bed, suzani pillow, Chinese lamp. Take away the swan and I can get down with this. 

What did I tell you about the ugly pretty? 

 The light. The shade and the mini green chairs. And don't forget that wee sconce. Cute.

 The ship fixture plus the Moroccan tile. These must have been some dream clients to let her use that. 

 I rather like this, not for me, but it is certainly interesting. Right?

I am pretty much obsessed with this. Whoa.

 Citron and seafoam. And, boy, she really does roman shades to perfection.

 And here we are in my very own comfort zone. Very nice.

 And right back out of the comfort zone we go.

 I am loving just the hint of color here. Those purple stools are so unexpected. As are the lavender pendants. Beautiful work. 



  1. It is hard to read the new font- is looks faded on my computer. Just wanted to let you know some may not be able to read it as I cannot.

  2. Thank you for the input. I will see what we can do about getting the font darker.

  3. Which is why we could not stand living in Seattle. Like San Fran, Seattle is beautiful but it is just not beautiful ENOUGH for ENOUGH days in the year. The sun actually comes out in CT on a regular basis.

  4. I miss the East Coast! Unfortunately, life does not seem to be taking us in that direction. I love the change of seasons.

  5. I lived in the city for 18 years, most of it in the Outer Richmond, so I totally understand what you're talking about when it comes to fog!

  6. I lived in the city for 18 years, most of it in the Outer Richmond so I know what you are talking about! Doses of color are good!

  7. Heidi, Where did you find the kitchen with the pretty turquoise tiles?


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