Spotlight: Nickey Kehoe.

Ok. Now today I really am back. Please forget and forgive my blah post from yesterday and let's move along to better and much more exciting things in the wonderful world of DAHSIGN dahlings. But first I have a few administrative things I need to urgently discuss with you. Hey. Business before pleasure right? Save the best for last? There is going to be some serious coding happening here on The Rustic Modernist over the next few days/weeks as my blog designer does all of the crazy html that I have no clue how to do myself. So if you stop by to visit (as you know is one of my very favorite things that you do) or want to write a comment (my other favorite thing that you do) and things look odd or you can't access the blog DO NOT FREAK OUT. Take a deep breath and know that I have not deserted you. 

Then start jumping up and down and getting really really excited because when you finally do come back, things are going to look so snazzed up around here you won't even know what to do with yourself. I miiight be projecting a little bit here but, seriously people, this is majorly exciting news for me, and for you. It is making me feel crazy inspired to make pretty blog posts and for some new features and collaborations. 

Which leads me to the second (and last) order of business before we get to the good stuff. I'd love some feedback from you guys on what you are loving, hating, wanting, needing, anything. I'm still new to the blogging gig and I think I'm starting to better understand what you like to read and, at the same time, what I like to publish but some solid feedback would be stellar. Just absolutely stellar. So give it to me (in the nicest way you can think of, I'm a sensitive little creature) either in the comments or via email (because as I said, if you were listening and I hope you were, the blog is going to be under construction...). 

And here we are now, at the good part. Clap your hands! Jump up and down! It's one of my faves! Let's take a peek at Nickey Kehoe:

 Oh haaay Sheesha pillow. Look at you sitting there all pretty and mustard colored. I knew I was coming around when I spotted you.

 These chairs are from their very own bespoke collection. Aren't they kinda amazing?

More after the jump...

 Yesyesyes to that rug and those totally unexpected frilly Euro shams on the bed. They are working here in lovely ways.

 I'm vaguely wondering about the outdoor abilities of these wood chairs but they are so dope who cares? It's SoCal anyway. It doesn't rain.

 I love that this looks so undesigned, like it was just thrown together in some chic grandma's cottage or some crafty young hipster. Nope. Bet this cost a pretty penny and took months to put together. Interior design is a strange beast.

 This is mildly what my sofa looks like and this photo convinces me again and again that I need a natural fiber rug for my living room. Yesterday.

All part of the movement. 

 Quite an odd little space isn't she? Digging the mix though. 

 Pay very close attention here doves. Details. A settee next to a toilet? Weird. But I'm crushing on it. That throw? Yeah, the pink one. Whoa. Love. With that flowery roman shade? Want it all now. 

 They have a nice way with a girlie bathroom huh? I would lay in that tub for hours and read and drink wine and raisin my toes and fingers.
 (what?! Raisin can totally be a verb!)

 Hamptons! Hamptons! Hamptons! 

 Simple mix of pattern and neutrals. Like the grandma touches with the sconces. 

 This is what people should do to their Berkeley bungalows. You know, instead of the boring ugly craftsman sage green hippie bullshit they normally do.

 All about that chair and the architectural detail here. The styling is perfection as well (and I do not often say that...). Just right with the orange pop.

 Can you even imagine what this looks like for the holidays? I CAN! Pretty pretty pretty. I will take this moment to note that Christmas is coming riiiight up here soon. Let the excitement begin!

 All about this room. The grasscloth on the back wall, the blanket on the end of the bed, that neon yellow Bertoia, those striped pillows. Traditional with a twist and so cozy. Pure sleeping heaven. The space itself looks super super small and this just goes to show that all of those dumb rules about small spaces are totally made to be broken.

 Clawfoots everywhere. 

 Seriously. I can imagine a little boy named Wyatt sleeping here in a few years. Cowboy wallpaper, striped sheets and the cutest coverlet. And a nice idea for a platform bed-oversized pillows to put in that space between the mattress and the wall. Great DIY for a cheap Ikea bed. 

 I want every single pillow on that couch.

 Faux books.

 Accessible design for even those who may be a little less adventurous.

Aren't they awesome? In addition to their interior design services they also have a shop and a store through 1st Dibs where you can find some very cool stuff (if you've got the cash money to spend).


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  1. Jeidi, this one is my favorite. Mustard hippie craftsman bullshirt. Raisin fingers, plus of course all the beautiful living!


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