Spotlight: Rawlins Calderone Design.

Morning dolls. The week has steadily improved I'moverthemoontotellyou. And I will very begrudgingly admit that it probably has to do with getting back into a solid workout routine. Luckily, summer has, at long last, arrived in our foggy city. Sunny and 70 every day which makes for perfect running weather. I've been out there pounding the pavement, sweating it all out and, as much as I hate doing it while I'm doing it, I feel so much closer to divine happiness when I'm done. Deeevine. 

Do any of you party people work from home? Like, your home is your office? What are your thoughts on this? It's pretty much my fantasy. I'm a Cancer. I'm obsessed with my home. It's my womb, where I feel most comfortable, at ease, content. I love the freedom of getting up, making coffee, blogging in my pajamas, being around to walk the dog, work out, make lunch, you get it. And as I've been getting more design work, I have more actual work to do in my home office. I don't think this is for everyone. You have to have a unique kind of focus (like the kind where you don't wander into the living room and turn on the Housewives mid-afternoon). I like it. But it can also get a little bit lonely. I'm not even really working from home as I have a full-time job outside of all of this. But, still, in my off time from work at work, I'm working from home. It's a quiet gig. This is when I normally feel like I need to get out and go to a coffee shop, which is what I'm doing today, to get work done. I often find when I do it, I'm rewarded by fresh ideas and more productive hours. We shall see. 

I thought we'd take a wee look at Rawlins Calderone Design today. 
In the spotlight.
They had a major hand in one of my favorite design projects this century (along with Bates Masi Architects).
This house in Amagansett:
(who doesn't want a house in Amagansett btdubs?)

 Please. Come in.
 The inside is even lovelier.
Little sneak.

 This room is textural perfection. Brick fireplace, wood floor, windows everywhere. And that ceiling? Note the ceiling. Strung rope. It's kinda brilliant.
And I've got all day to discuss this vignette and how amazing it is. See the different styling? I dig the one above with the lantern quite a bit. But the candles below would certainly make for nice night lighting. Either way, it is utterly gorgeous.

And on to the dining area:
 That chandelier isn't something I would normally choose but I love it here.
 I can't even begin to describe how much I could live here happily ever after. Ooh. What a life it would be.

Zee kitchen:
 Nice use of reclaimed wood with pops of color.

 And the bathrooms:
 Such cute detail. Just the right amount of color.

 Equestrian details.

The master bedroom:
I want to move in here this second and never leave.
 So in love.

The kiddos:
 Cute, and nothing is overdone or fussy.

And a smattering of their other projects as well:
 See that little nook back there? What a nice use of a small space, right?
Like the styling in the second shot so much more.
Making me want pink pink pink.

 Growth chart as art by Athena Calderone. 
Genius. Get it here.

 I'll take it all. And the shoes too.

Fun playroom.


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