The hunter.

Gosh. Maybe it's the coming of fall (despite living in a city where there are really no seasons I think my body and mind remember it from all of the cities before) but I cannot get enough of hunter green lately. Really. I have noticed it highlighted a little (like in the new InStyle) so maybe it's a trend that I have subtly been fed and am just oblivious to. 

Do you guys notice that you'll be suddenly really wanting something, like, out of nowhere and then you start seeing it in magazines on the blogs on the models everywhere? This happens to me. And I can't figure out if I'm AHEAD of the trend or if I just haven't noticed the cues I'm being fed by mass media. hmmm.

I am in love with this hue. I like green. I do. I have leaned more emerald in the past but, let me tell you, my ways are changing. Hunter is a little darker, a little moodier. It looks amazing against wood. It is perfection paired with gold. And white, oh white. This is why I want some for my bedroom. I am considering this vintage kantha to throw over my chair:

It's pretty gorge, isn't it? Paired with a neutral chair. Lovely.
It's an eBay score and I got offered a deal I'm not sure I can refuse. 
You know what that means...buy!

Some hunter green that's inspiring me lately, after the jump.

It is so pretty in this room, with that leather chair and all the white. The blanket ties it all together and makes it amazing. 


 Please please please go for it and paint your entire room, window frames and all. Stunning.

 A worn out hunter for the dresser.

 With a spindle bed. You could not ask for more.

 A hunter trench. I want some.

 Goes quite nicely with mustard huh?

 For the doors.

 So unexpected in that back room. Gives it depth.

On a rug. In Ibiza. Yes.

 Or a sofa in France. 

And maybe just a little POP.


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