This has nothing to do with design. Or anything, really.

This is what I have to wake up to this morning?! 

What the f#*k Emily??? She is blowing it by the looks of this cover. I was going to blog about something fabulous that I'm currently coveting today but forgetaboutit. I am heading straight to the couch to do some investigating. I have to get to the bottom of this Emily and Jef situation stat. If she screws up this one I am so done with her. I gave her a chance after she picked Jef because, yeah, she's weird and has fake erything (I mean, those teeth? Seriously, she's killing me.) but how can you be a bad person if you picked THAT guy? He's a gem, that Jef. That scene with the marionettes? 


Hold please. I'll be back after I see what this is all about.

 What a skank. He deserves so much better.

Anyway...I've got some other highlights to discuss from this weeks issue. 
Starting with this:

Wow Suri, impressive. Training wheels are on and you still need mom to hold the handlebars? 

And then we have this:
Kash Kade? That name just oozes class, doesn't it? Kash Kade. Oh my.
This does sound vaguely like the names Justin proposes for our unborn children, as painful as that is for me to admit. 
C l a s s y.

And on to this:
Breaking news that Taylor Swift just purchased a home in Hyannis, Cape Cod. Directly across the street from her new 18 year old beau. Um. This girl is crazy. Par for the course. One month of dating you and she'll be BUYING A HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET FROM YOU. Psycho. "Take it slow" is not in this girls vocab. Is it not creepy that he is going into his SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL and she's buying 5 million dollar properties? Creeps. Makes me shiver.

Just absolutely disgusting.

And that's all I've got for you today.
Enlightening wasn't it?


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