This is very serious.

Guys. We need to talk. We have a situation over here. I signed up for Direct TV and, when I did, they very kindly gave me three free months of HBO and Showtime. I didn't fully understand what this would mean to my life. That is, until this morning. The last 30 minutes found me recording entire seasons of Girls, Game of Thrones (TWO seasons of this thankyouverymuch), The Newsroom, Homeland and How to Make it in America. Uh oh. We are officially in the danger zone. Combine this with the winter weather we are having over here in this sunny old city and we are in big big trouble. Big. I mean, what's a girl to do? It's free. For three months. I have to take advantage, right? I also am the unfortunate (and fortunate, I guess, it was a fun night) owner of a big fat wine headache. Only cure for that is TV and pasta. 

Don't fret my little mosquitos, I am a chronic worker so I will be plowing through a bunch of stuff on my to do list while I partake. I am working with a client right now on freshening up her house with an updated look. 
These are the photos I'm using for inspiration:

I like this look for a more established home. It looks timeless and classic but also new. I love the combination of materials (jute, leather, wood, cotton). It creates depth and, even though everything is really clean and simple, gives the eye just enough to look at. 

That's what I've got you for today. I'm settling into my massive couch now to work on my media kit (I cannot tell how much I don't want to do this) and work on a client project. Oh, and which show to start with?

*home of Kendall Conrad*
all images via Habitually Chic
photos by David Cameron



  1. Based on those photos, I bet the finished space will be beautiful! I grew up without cable, so I think I'd have a heart attack with three free months of Direct TV, ha.

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