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As B sees it:

So, the Olympics happened. This small affair got me thinking about athletics (duh) and sports (wait...is that the same thing?) and hence, led my wee little brain to fashion. Of course, why not? In the past few years I have seen some appealing shots on various fashion blogs (mostly Jak and Jil, the dopest) where a simply stylish girl is wearing a baseball hat paired with her Proenza Schouler and Celine. This look has tended to stick in my mind because it is one of those fashion moments where something so unexpected is mixed with something obviously pleasing to the eye, such as said designers. This could potentially be a disaster waiting to happen, and I am sure that it does often (why is the geography of the midwest popping into my mind?), but if done well and with the correct sartorial intentions, it can be so friggin right.

So basically, what I'm trying to say is that one need not be afraid to go ahead and show their team spirit (or hide a bad hair day) in a way that is tasteful, which means that it should be paired with something aesthetically pleasing-high and low, if you will. And you should, because the Yankees would want you to.


And what it looks like around here:

Two things. First, I think Blair needs a gentle reminder that we are Saints fans around here. We don't do what the Yankees would like us to do...and second, can we discuss how unapologetically Bay Area that girl in photo 3 is? Hipster extraordinaire.

Ok moving on. I am not one of those ladies who thinks that sports are solely the purview of a man. In my house, I am the one who orders the Red Zone for football season. I do, however, think that trying to bring sports paraphenalia INTO THE HOME is pretty much solely on the men. I love my team but I would nevernevernevernever want to display, for example, Giants bobble heads in my living room. I am thankful on a near daily basis that Justin has a designated man closet in our apartment where all of these things go as soon as they are acquired. However, if you are less fortunate than I, and are forced to put sporting goods in your home, there is one and only one way to go. Vintage. All the way.
Don't you dare do this. Don't do it. Ever.

In my humble opinion, the best way to work with sports memorabilia is to treat it like it's not sports memorabilia. Use it like you would any other vintage prop. 

Note the hockey puck. Also note how beautiful this vignette is and how much it is so working for me.

 Old stadium seating=a great way to bring in a piece of the stadium without the ugliness of the rest of it.

Instead of hanging the newest edition of the team poster, get one in black and white and frame it to pair with other black and whites in a cluster. Like this:
You can barely tell that's a vintage football photo, right?

 Put it in an antique frame on a wall with other various sundries. It doesn't look so obvious.

Frame it all-vintage swimsuits look great like this but so would a vintage jersey.

Or two.

Or helmets, boxing gloves, anything.

I can promise if you frame these and put them anywhere in your house the look will come across less sporty and more hip.

Displaying antique trophies is all the rage right now. HD Buttercup has a ton and they look great.

Make a display like this:

Or be a little more tasteful, pair it with your Hermes, and call it a day.

Everything always looks better under glass or in a vintage jar.



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