Saturday Stunner.

I have a confession to make. During the week when I'm feeling so busy and so under, or just really tired (or lazy, let's be honest here), I, instead of washing my dishes as I do them, eat off of them and then put them in the refrigerator until the next day. It is essentially the equivalent of leaving dirty dishes on the counter but given the urban fruit fly situation, I am eternally ridiculously on top of never ever ever leaving dirty dishes on the counter, or in the sink. So, back in the refrigerator they go. I just opened my refrigerator for milk for my coffee and in it was a dirty salad bowl, a plate with one bite of a sandwich left, and a bowl with one little bit of melted ice cream. So, there you have it. It's been that kind of a week. 

via Dwell

On another note I woke up this morning and the grey light filtering in through my curtains made the whole room feel like Christmas. I totally smiled. It is on its way. Almost October so I'm posting this bright, sunny photo as a farewell to summer (plus I just love the Pepto and mustard stucco). I checked the weather and for the first time in as long as I can remember there were little raindrops on a Tuesday. As much as I love San Francisco's Indian summers I am ready for a change of season, albeit a relatively subtle one. I've got some new sweaters in the mail and I'm looking forward to some down time with a good book, a thick blanket and my dog. 

What do y'all have planned for the weekend? I'm working today then heading over to my Pacific Heights project to wrap up installation fingers crossed then out for some much needed and well deserved drinks with friends. Tomorrow we are going to do brunch with some of our dearest then birthday dinner for my sister in crime. Here's to relaxing, eating good food, drinking good drinks and enjoying even better company. Happy weekend lovers.  


A little bling goes a long way.

I know my usual thing is interiors but I so so badly want to be knee deep in fashion too. I can't help myself. I was pulling together some research yesterday for an Estee Stanley spotlight for next week and I was realizing as I was reading that this woman was one of THOSE women. You know the kind that I'm talking about. Good at everything she touches. Not only does she have impeccable design taste (and ability to execute) but she's a stylist. To the stars. Which means that she is one of those ladies I see on the street, looking all pulled together and nonchalantly cute at 8 in the morning. I'm not talking about the ladies who wear 6-inch platforms everyday. I mean the ones who are always perfectly dressed for all occasions (including coffee), accessorized with just the right amount of bling and whose hair is tousled just so. Perfect highlights, great bag, understated makeup. 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I am not one of these ladies. I am organized to a tee, my house is probably the cleanest, neatest spot for miles, and I like to look good about half of the time. But that other half? Yeah. That half I'm rocking a high knot, sweats and flip flops. I'm not into makeup. Never have been, never will be. I wear what I have to wear to get by (which irritatingly enough is more and more as the years pass). I am way into clothes but I just don't live a lifestyle that requires me to look put together most of the time. So I see these women, the gorgeous ones who put on make up every morning and are just perfectly chic all the time, and I kinda want to be that (even though I fully accept that, at this point in my life, that is probably never going to happen). So I keep trying a bit more. To slide on a pair of my Frye's or a cute pair of flats, swipe a bit of mascara and grab something stylish to throw on the bod. That being said, in my latest attempt at bringing it up a notch, I have decided that accessories are key. 

My wardrobe is a perfect reflection of my house right now. Great basic pieces, really good foundation. And then I agonize over accessorizing for, well, ever. In the same way I have been searching for the perfect pillows for my sofa, I have been thinking about how to add another layer to my wardrobe. And I'm thinking that it's in the jewels. I am so not into jewelry people. But I have noticed that all of those impossibly chic girls? Yeah, they all have cute, everyday jewelry on. And it really changes things. So, I'm shopping, and you're coming with me. A few of the items that are lingering around my online shopping carts this week. Just waiting to pull the trigger. 

 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
 1 | 2 | 3 
 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Remember how I said I hated Photoshop? Yeah, part of the reason is because I am impossibly bad at it. Oh wells. I'm dealing. 


Trend Alert | Currently Coveting (whatever your little heart desires, or does not) :: La*la*lanterns.

We got through Tuesday. And it actually wasn't half bad. As a designer there is probably no better feeling than when a client tells you that they love the work you did for them. That happened yesterday and it put me right up there over the moon. So, I'm going to say it again to you, my very favorite people in all of the land. I would love to help you with your houses, your apartments, your porches, your closets! Click on that Services tab up there at the top of this blog to enter a world of magic and sunshine. It is damn pretty in there, I promise.

I recommended a lantern pendant for the client I just finished. I would never ever ever in one million years have done this a year ago. I would have seen a photo of it and thought "damn. those are so traditional and ugly." Well. My tune has changed. To the tune of the love. It is like lantern land on Pinterest, and in all the mags too. There are so so many options to choose from and, depending on what you pick, so so many different ways to style around it. It is official. I want.

The first time I fell in love was this-

Hey look! It's our old friend Amanda again! I wonder how many times I can post the same photo? Obsessed much? 

And then all of these followed. Consider me smitten.


A whole lot of randomness.

It's Tuesday. Yuck. I am so not a fan of you, Tuesday. Five days of work WORK staring me down. Five days of an empty house and five days of pondering walking over to Cole Valley to join the gym. Five days of staring at the rug in my living room and wondering what to do about this situation. And this week has the added bonus of being completely booked full to the brim. Meetings and an install which includes painting (remember? I am not a fan of you either, painting.) at the end of the week. Which will mean the end of two projects and, hopefully, the beginning of two more. I've got so much work to put into a presentation I kind of want to cry. You know, this design thing? It's pretty great. But, especially at the very teeny tiny beginning place I am right now, you so rarely get to do design that you love, or that is even your taste at all. Sure, some of my clients want my style and that is just the best thing that can happen. It is SO FUN. But some of the other ones just want my eye, or my experience. And part of doing business is going along with their already existing design. Even if it is so not your thang. Trust, I am so not at the point where I can say no to anything. Gotta take it all. 

That being said, I get to post some of my most favorite things around here this week, just to make up for the lack of being inspired by the work I have ahead of me. 



So, I was sitting on my couch last night (I am actually sitting on my couch right now, and it is last night, and I'm writing in the future tense, for my blog post for tomorrow morning, because I'm going out for drinks tonight, and to a show, and I might have a little wine headache in the morning, which causes bad blogging syndrome, so I'm trying to be prepared), perusing my blogs when I read this ditty by one of my favorite bloggers of all time ever. I, at first, felt very very guilty. Guilty because I AM guilty. Guilty of being a boring blogger (sometimes. let's just say sometimes because sometimes I think I'm a good blogger too).

Geez. I used to really love my blog. But sometimes lately it has been boring. As I've gotten more and more work related to actually designing, this little baby of mine has fallen by the wayside some days. Which is totally and completely acceptable. Life is busy. Putting dollar bills in my bank account is not only necessary, but important to me. And this blog does not make me any money people. Like, zero. Which brings me to the problem that I think I've been having, and that I think a lot of bloggers have. When I started The Rustic Modernist, I did it because it was fun, and a distraction from some serious boredom with my life. I had no intention of trying to make it profitable or to get "famous" bloggers to read it, or comment on it, or ignore it. Whatever. And I think that showed.

Once I started blogging more and reading more blogs I became a little obsessed. Obsessed with my stats and my comments and what it all meant. I started studying the "big" blogs, the megas, and trying to understand how they made careers out of blogging, because I honestly really love doing it and who the hell doesn't want to work from home most of time especially when there are babies on the brain. And then I started using my twitter account more and trying to brand myself. Ugh, booooring. I hate twitter. I really do. And then I started having to make a "blog calendar" to make sure I was posting enough and not losing readers. All of these other bloggers were posting majorly Photoshopped posts all the time and always going to crazy events and being featured in magazines all over the planet, so if they were doing scheduled features every week (including the ever dreaded outfit to a room feature) and being invited to write for other blogs and be so fabulous all the time, that MUST be what I have to do too. So I did. And some of it I like doing. I love doing Currently Coveting because I covet a goddamn lot of stuff. It's mostly what I enjoy about design. Coveting. And most of it is stuff I can't have and most of my real-life friends don't understand the weird things I covet, so it's super fun that a lot of you, my readers, covet the same things, and get that about me. I like doing Spotlights because it opens me up to new designers and, ultimately, new design. I also like doing them because I get responses from them, I cannot lie. I have gotten some pretty dope emails from some of my very favorite designers and, well, that feels fucking good, not going to lie, again. Seat of the Week is fun for me because I'm obsessed with chairs. And lighting. But that feature is mostly a filler let's be honest. And Saturday Stunners are great because they fill two voids for me: I get to post a photo, just one, of something I really love, no explanation necessary, and I also get to do a quick post on a day where I'm really tired from a long week and still have one more day to go before my weekend. It's a nice way to wrap things up around here.

So, I don't think I'm AS guilty as a lot of the blogs, right? But I know that I have been seriously influenced by this overwhelming desire to be successful at this. And in the blogging world success comes from readers, comments and recognition. And I really think that I have been trying to hard to get those things. The thing is, you just end up kissing a lot of big blogger ass and writing stupid comments like "Oooh, I love that room. Great work." It doesn't feel like ME. I hate fucking Photoshop. I really do. Hate. And twitter? Barf. I'm really really so really really tired of telling the world that I'm going to the park and it's just so gorgeous out and the sun is #shining @GoldenGatePark #summerdays @SF just because I don't tweet enough and feel like my followers will get bored of me. Go. Away.

I remember when I got my first interested sponsor and a friend told me that I better stop posting pics of my dog because shit was about to get serious. And I listened. Not even really knowing I was doing it. I started this blog because I wanted to post some of the amazing design I was so inspired by. I also wanted to talk about my life. And that is still what I enjoy most. And I really just want to be able to be me and not worry about sponsors and money flow and trying to make it like all of the boring bloggers have. She is right, this lady, let's put an end to all of this nonsense and just try to act normal. No one cares about making a room into an outfit because people don't make rooms into outfits. It's dumb.

And this guy? Yeah, he totally agrees.
Gimme a break guys. 
And, yes, I am totally aware that I overused the comma in this rant. Like, used it into oblivion. Whateves. 


Saturday Stunner.

Simultaneously the shortest and longest week ever. I haven't stopped moving since Tuesday morning (how ironic to start the week with this). Here's to hoping I have a weekend retreat just like this one day. On Nantucket preferably. What a sweet place to wash the sand off your feet from a long day at the beach. 
How lovely.

Have happy weekends. Sunshine, roses, wine, all that. 


Quote of the day.


Spotlight: Erin Martin.

You know what I like about this woman so much? That she leans pretty rustic traditional in her designs but then she always throws something unexpected or edgy in there. Girl is not afraid of taking a risk, that is fo sho. You know what else I like? Her discreet, repetitive use of products. It is obvious that she is fond of certain lighting or fixtures. She uses them over and over (read: Jielde lamps and Kohler Karbon faucets). Which I guess sometimes comes off as lack of creativity. But with her, it comes off as some sort of brilliant branding technique. Like-"This is my steeze. I'm gonna use it again. And you're going to recognize it's me, bitches."

That being said, I love how she throws a modern piece into some very rustic interiors. Keeps it interesting. She's the daughter of an architect and an interior designer...um, jealous much? Anyway, without further ado,

Really one of my favorite images of all time. The Serge Mouille lamps, the crosses, the Moroccan bedspread, the leather chair. Oh, and the paneling. Mildly obsessed.

Loads more after the jump:


Currently Coveting: Peacock Mirror.

These weren't even on my radar before about a month ago but, all of a sudden, I'm seeing them erywhere. I have been agonizing and hunting and looking under rocks for the perfect mirror for my front hall. Theoretically, the hunt is over. I have found it. Realistically, the hunt has only just begun. That is! unless anyone out there wants to donate to the Get Heidi The Peacock Mirror of Her Dreams Fund. Christmas IS coming up, my very favorite holiday. And, oh my goodness, imagine how just perfect this mirror would be for the holidays. Twinkles beyond my wildest dreams. I am in l o v e. So, anyway, feel free to contact me to get in on the donations. You don't want to be left out of this special offer. 

Dreamy pictures after the jump!


All you need.

I'm kind of feeling nostalgic today. We had a really long, lazy last two days, especially yesterday. We ran a few errands, threw in some laundry, ate some tacos and watched far too many episodes of Game of Thrones. I felt mildly guilty about the lack of activity sometime around 7 last night but I got up and did some dishes, let it pass and settled back in on the couch. So many people have been talking ad nauseum about this new trendy thing called "being busy." This article in the NY Times is spot on. It is really all the rage right now. I have to laugh a little every time I read about it because, in the past, even in the very recent past, and I'm sure in the very near future too, they are perfectly describing ME. 

I have been running for as long as I can remember. I think part of that is the burning desire I still have to prove myself. To myself, to my mother, my family, my friends. Regardless of the cause, I spent many many, way too many, years of my life being unable to relax. I'd watch movies, and go out with friends, shop, take vacations. But my mind never ever ever stopped. I would have anxiety attacks if my weeks weren't fully booked up with plans and work. I remember years ago, literally bursting into tears on my bed, because I was looking at the week ahead and there just wasn't enough in it. Not enough to keep me busy. To distract me from my life. I felt unimportant, unsuccessful. I would work if there was extra work available. Start school again (If you guys knew how many unfinished degrees I have, on top of the finished ones, you would laugh). Go to dinner, lunch, coffee. Even if I wasn't in the mood. Anything, anything to stay busy.

And you know what? I felt proud of it. It became like bragging rights-"Oh, I am so busy this week, I can't possibly squeeze you in. My plate is full. I have so much to DO. Busy, busy, busy." And if I wasn't busy and someone else went on and on about how they were, I felt defeated. What was wrong with my life? Why wasn't it as full as that persons? Why wasn't I as busy? Failure sat heavy on me. All because I wasn't as busy as the next person. Social media has surely aggravated the situation, as it has aggravated so many situations. My twitter feed is filled to the brim with the constant reminder of how busy everyone is. All of them rushing around frantically at all times, being pulled in this direction or that, SO MUCH WORK, so many plans. And it is often in those times that I will reach for my computer or my phone, to try to book myself up, to fill my weeks full. I still do it. It's hard not to. I mean, if everyone else is so damn excited about being worked to the bone, there must be something totally awesome about it. Right? 

But, here's the thing. I'm not sure there is. Yes, we all need to do work that fulfills us, lead lives that feel full, and find relationships that are meaningful. Does that mean we need to work on all of those things constantly? Not sure about that. What about what happens in the moments where you're NOT doing anything? Do you ever pay attention? Because I have started to and I have found that, in those moments, I stress out less, I feel tens of hundreds of thousands times more inspired, I'm a kinder, softer version of myself. I don't want to be busy all the time. I want to have quiet days at my house, watching the light change and being lazy. I want to cook slow meals in my little apartment kitchen with the man who is also always busy. I want to put down my phone, and my computer, and just do nothing but what I feel like doing. 

This image got me. Right in the gut for some reason. We, like probably all of you, are always talking about the end results of all of our busy-ness. One day we can have a home, with a backyard and a huge kitchen. One day we'll have more money from all of the work we've put in. One day one day one day. Last night, when J was cooking up some slow food, in the middle of a day filled with absolutely nothing, I went into our tiny little kitchen and all I felt was happy. What do we all really need? Why do we make ourselves so busy? What else could you possibly want but a loaf of bread on your countertop, a dog on your sofa, and a cozy little space to call home? 


Gender Roles (or Boy meets Girl).

Falling asleep last night after a mild argument with my mostly-fantastic-all-the-time boyfriend, I was lightly pondering how different boys and girls really are. By lightly pondering, I mean a tiny, wee passing ditty in my sleepy head. I was breathing steadily at this point, totally relaxed, dog tucked in under my arm. And there it came! A great idea for a blog post for today! It woke me out of my stupor for a brief second. I even had the first two opening lines for the post. And they were really, really good. 

At times like this (There are actually lots of times like this. Ideas for posts come at the most random times.), I normally grab my phone and pop the idea into my iCal so I am all queued up for when I want to write. I've learned that, even when you are positive the idea is still going to be there the next day because it is just that good, it often gets lost amongst the dreams of the night. But last night, goddammit, I nodded with affirmation to myself that surely surely I would remember this in the morning, a mere 7 hours away. As I rolled over onto my side, I slipped into slumber with images and words floating through my head. A fabulous post it would be indeed.


Saturday Stunner.

It has been such a fun few days of visiting with friends and soaking up the sunshine. Back to reality for today then the weekend begins. Not a bad work week, right? I do believe, my winks, that I am much more suited to not actually working at my day job. I am always so curious how other people feel about this. Being in the blogging world I sometimes feel inundated by the people who have "made it" doing what they love. I mean, whatever you're doing to make it work is hard work, whether it be something you love or not. But I know, am totally absolutely positive, that if I could wake up every morning, do what I love, and make a living from it (?!), that would just be the bees knees. I received some very exciting news about a project that I didn't even know existed and am now brimming over with happiness that it has fallen into my lap. 
Baby steps over here. 
All about the baby steps. 

And, hopefully, what awaits at the top.
Happy Saturday, you dream makers. Thanks for being totally awesome at all times. You really know how to make a girl smile. 


Currently Coveting: Astier de Villatte.

I am rushing to the airport this morning to pick up our very dear friends, John and Paige, who I can hardly wait to see. I plan on soaking up all of the short time they are here so posting may be a wee light the next two days. We have dinner plans and drinking wine plans and laying in Dolores Park plans. None of those plans allow a computer, natch. I'll see you bitches back here Saturday most likely. Don't miss me too much.
Have been coveting a piece (or two for some time now). I'm not really a collector of anything but I AM totally one of those sentimental people who would love to have family heirlooms to pass down to her children, and them to their children, and them on to...well, you get the point. I think a collection of Astier de Villatte would be the perfect place for this rustic modernist to start, don't you? As someone is is really not that fond of jewels or gems, it would be such a special way to mark anniversaries, or children, or for big milestones in your life together. 
I am particularly fond of this piece:
I've got the farmhouse table already and I know, deep down in my heart, that this bowl would look so lovely sitting atop it. 

A nice collection online here


Spotlight: Erica Tanov.

I've been seeing the various spaces of this lovely lady all around lately. They so inspire me. Undone, unfussy, nothing matchy-matchy. This is probably the kind of interior design that is nearest to my heart. Things look collected instead of curated, a very slight difference. The design looks like it is meant to be lived in. With kids and dirty dogs and sandy feet. Her stores are as good looking as her home, quite a feat. Her style totally exemplifies the California boho sensibility that is, in actuality, extremely difficult to achieve.

Below, a smattering of my favorite images from Erica Tanov.


Going in.

It feels like a day for quietude. At the very base of that feeling lies the fact that we had a crazy busy (crazy fun too) weekend with friends, spent very little time actually relaxing and are now being tossed back into the work week, oh so cruelly. I'm also laid up with an ice pack on my knee from a running injury last week, one that I thought would be feeling better by now so I didn't go see a doctor right away kind of injury, but now it's still swollen and tender and awfully wobbly in there. I'm heading in for a referral tomorrow so, fingers crossed people!, it is just a pulled something and not a torn something. Add to this that it is September 11 today, a day that I always think is going to pass unnoticed by me one of these years but never actually manages to. Justin and I were musing the other day how odd it will be that we will have children who weren't here, on this earth, for that day. It doesn't seem plausible, to only know it from a history book. Coupled with the anniversary of Katrina just two weeks ago (another event that changed my life into something unrecognizable and a day that continues to sadden me, year after year) I think the need for some introspective solitude is just fine for today. 

And I have just the space to match it.

I could not imagine a more cozy space to sit and gather your thoughts, right? 
What a spot. I want to take a winter vacation here. The kind where you don't leave the house except to get more firewood. And you definitely do not get out of your pajamas.


You sure look fine.

I mean, when it's Monday morning and you get the new Lonny in your inbox, what else are you supposed to blog about, right? It's like a little gift being plopped in your lap. Plop. *And, trust, I need a gift plopped in my lap after seeing my Saints fall to the Redskins IN THE SUPERDOME yesterday. That wasn't how I was expecting Sunday to go, not at all.*

Some highlights from the issue:


Game day!

I have one thing on my mind today and one thing only: my Saints. That's right my who dats, football season is in full effect. It is my favorite time of the year. Football on the weekends, Christmas on the horizon, so excited. This is the good stuff. I know most of you linger around here for the design porn so I'll try to appease you today with a little black and gold inspired decor.




 Can't help myself. 






And now I need to get back to my game. Happy football Sunday to all!


Saturday Stunner.

Does this image bore you? If it does, this blog might not be a good fit for you. Because this image does anything but bore me. 

When I first saw it, I imagined how I would decorate it. The options would be endless, but I would want to let the character of the space speak too. Nothing to distract from its beauty.  Simple, unadorned. What I could do with those floors. Oh my. 

When I looked again, I pictured having a family here, in this grand, grand home. Walking in that door with a baby bundle for the first time. Little boys in pajamas peeking through that banister late at night as friends got their coats after a long, wine-drinking-lingering-around-the-table dinner. Mud boots in all sizes lined up against the wall on rainy days. Wet footprints left from walking the dogs. Christmas time with tons of shrieking children and loads of family members from all across the country. Twinkling lights and garland. A staircase lined with photos of years past. Graduation parties, celebrations, weddings in that backyard. Growing old, coming down those stairs on a threadbare runner, thousands, millions of times. 

And the longer I gazed at this one little photo, the more I could feel the presence of this house in my bones. It seemed to hold an entire future, in that one old entryway. So, I'm sorry if this image doesn't excite you in its simplicity. Look deeper. Look again. What do you see?


Spotlight: Dehn Bloom.

I am happy to report that it's Friday, finally. Not to be dramatic or anything but, my gawd, this week hasn't been the best. Be over already. So excited for the weekend which is filled with plans for hanging out with friends, watching football and cooking big Italian meals. And even more stoked for the arrival of some of our very dearest friends in the whole wide universe coming to stay next week. We've got no agenda on the books yet but it is always guaranteed to be a time filled with belly laughs. 

You might notice we changed some things up around here. Back to the original font we started the redesign with. I couldn't stand the one I was using before so it had to go. I know I had some readers with issues seeing the new font (some said it was too light). Eva and I have found that different fonts show up differently depending on the browser you're using so, if ya having problems, change ya browser yo. I can't be having ugly typeface around here. I've also added some new sponsors so feel free to get acquainted with some of the peeps on the left sidebar. All shops I love (and you should too). And, as always, please feel free to email me with your latest design dilemmas. If you want the eye of a designer but don't have the cash money to pay for a professional, I can be all the professional you need. I would be ever so happy to help you out. 

Plus, all design services are now coming with a free cuddly new kitten*:
*This may or may not be true. 

Ok anyway. Back to work. Pay attention people. Stop getting distracted. 
It's spotlight day! Woo hoo. Today we are keeping it local with Dehn Bloom Designs. This lady, Allison Bloom, inspires me in so many ways. First of all, she is a great designer. Her taste is right up my alley and I adore all of the images I'm going to post here today. But the main reason I admire this woman is that she didn't take the traditional road to get to where she is. She designed her own house, became smitten and found her way from there. I have appreciation for all designers, traditional and not, but I have a particular softness in my heart for people, in general, who take a different path to get there. 
It completely inspires me to keep going in the direction I'm going, and to stick with it, even when it seems totally futile.


Seat of the Week: Windsor Chair.

The Windsor chair is a classic, most definitely. An iconic chair but not in the way that an Eames chair or a Bertoia is. When I see a Windsor, I see history. I see Americana. It kind of warms my heart. I'm sure, if your mom is anything like mine, you either grew up with them or sat on one at some point in your childhood. Country charm all the way. There is something so homey about it. I can still remember what the seat feels like, with it's shape carved out to fit a big old booty. We had these chairs around our dining room table at every house I ever lived in growing up so they are a bit sentimental to me. But I also love the versatility of this chair. It works in a modern setting as well as a rustic one. The spindles still feel fresh and add so much character. I, of course, love a vintage Windsor with plenty of patina and wear. If I could pick a Christmas chair, it would be this one. All gathered around a roaring fireplace, twinkling lights in the background, eating mashed potatoes and drinking red wine. Wait, did I just mention Christmas? 
17 weeks my friends!
I start feeling pretty nostalgic this time of year. I am, literally, craving a few moments in this seat. You know. For old times sake. 


Currently Coveting: Out to Sea.

Good morning from the wrong side of the bed. Oh hey! Yeah, that's me over here, bun atop head, waving and giving the world the middle finger. Hello! Tell me how you'd feel if you woke up with this song in your head. Over and over: black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow. I don't even remember ever hearing this song consciously. I mean, I don't even know who the f#$k Wiz Khalifa IS. I'll tell you who he is. He's not a good way to start the day. That's who.

I'm feeling all out of whack this morning, mostly I think because of my lack of inspiration. Aw. Ful. I guess it's normal. Everyone else talks about it. I just didn't really understand what they meant exactly, exactly, until this week. I had some mild pangs last week but nothing like what's happening now. Oy vey. Out to sea is right.

Do you guys have a formula for times like these? If so, please share in that little comments section right down at the bottom of this here post. I can tell you one thing that absolutely will not work under any circumstances and that is drinking really weak coffee that irritates you more with each and every single sip you take. Nope. That is not the way to go here. Now you know. 

Ship. Ships. Ships ahoy. It seems like a fitting day to ship it up. Why not? Just me, Wiz, and some ship chandeliers. Who doesn't want a ship chandelier? Really. Personally, I'd put it somewhere totally unexpected, like a bathroom or something. You cannot take it too seriously. I mean, it's a chandelier shaped like a ship. Made out of crystals. Come on.

Nanette goes Moroccan with it. So good.

 Katie can pull off a ship for sure. See, in a bathroom? Fun-ness. Bet the kiddos love that dang chandy.

A little Ken Fulk, shipping in SF.

The hipster version. Replete with Edison bulbs and forged by a local blacksmith...hee hee. 

 Lili takes the cake. Love it with the painting.

Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.

Katie Leede traditional with a twist. Love the pompom curtains too, FYI.

Now, I'm off to run, fog and all. Just me and Wiz.
Thanks for cheering me up you guys. You're the best.
PS: We are working on my font today (by we I mean Eva). Please forgive the haphazardness of it all.


A brown study.

There was a noticeable change in the air yesterday. Like, quite literally, fall arrived. A chill. Oooh. It made me so excited. I love fall. Love. It signifies change and a sort of closing inward after all of that open air big sky summerness. It makes me want to store up my house for the winter months and get all of the cozy decor out (this is a joke. our house is much too small to store decor in closets. we have the same shit out all the year round.). This is, without a doubt, a product of my east coast upbringing because around here not that much really changes in the fall months. We actually get a rather late Indian summer which is lovely but also drives me slightly crazy. Fall is for fall-crisp air, changing leaves, big cold blue skies. Prepare for sweaters, blankets, grey and FOOTBALL. Don't you California people get it? And, while we're on the subject, let's go this year without sunshine and 70 degrees on Christmas please and thank you. 

With the impending seasonal change, I've also been making some small changes around the house. 



Woke up early yesterday, drove to Napa and met some friends at Meadowood where we immediately embarked upon the pool and a bottle of cold rose followed by hours of wine tasting and lunch at the very delicious Farmstead (it really was possibly the most amazing meal I've had in a minute. go.). Today, we are both tired and feeling like it's the day to rest and recharge for the week ahead. Craving some quiet and some simplicity. I'm imagining pajamas, the couch, HBO and burritos. Happy labor day, ducks. Hope you have absolutely nothing on the agenda. 

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