A whole lot of randomness.

It's Tuesday. Yuck. I am so not a fan of you, Tuesday. Five days of work WORK staring me down. Five days of an empty house and five days of pondering walking over to Cole Valley to join the gym. Five days of staring at the rug in my living room and wondering what to do about this situation. And this week has the added bonus of being completely booked full to the brim. Meetings and an install which includes painting (remember? I am not a fan of you either, painting.) at the end of the week. Which will mean the end of two projects and, hopefully, the beginning of two more. I've got so much work to put into a presentation I kind of want to cry. You know, this design thing? It's pretty great. But, especially at the very teeny tiny beginning place I am right now, you so rarely get to do design that you love, or that is even your taste at all. Sure, some of my clients want my style and that is just the best thing that can happen. It is SO FUN. But some of the other ones just want my eye, or my experience. And part of doing business is going along with their already existing design. Even if it is so not your thang. Trust, I am so not at the point where I can say no to anything. Gotta take it all. 

That being said, I get to post some of my most favorite things around here this week, just to make up for the lack of being inspired by the work I have ahead of me. 

I know, I know. Estee Stanley's house has been blog rounding it for weeks. Whateves. These images are totally inspiring me for my own home. It is always good to have a starting point of sorts, a collection of inspiration photos that I constantly refer to when working on a project. It helps. And I have been realizing lately that I have never actually had a specific set of inspiration photos for my own home. Odd. Well, these are fast becoming favorites. 

 This photo in every way validates my current obsession with brown. 

 I am going for this kind of muted, relaxed, vintage mixed with wood and gold accents vibe around here. I am debating some belgium linen curtains for my living room. These ones from West Elm are actually not bad at all:

Put some rings on the top for a more shmancy feel. I think t'would look quite nice. I am agonizing over three things: rug, pillows, media console. I want something with that faded feel. Kind of hard to find for under a grand a pillow. Um, not in my budget. I have been struggling with color lately. I am trying to bring it into my living room and went for a brighter scheme with my current pillows. Not loving it. It doesn't feel like me. I have a few rugs picked out. Just deciding. Pulling the trigger for stuff in my own home is mildly difficult for me. The debate goes on. I just put our new antiqued gold floor lamp in last night. It is perfection topped with a shade from Schoolhouse Electric. I debated on that gold for months.  And I am so happy with it. So, maybe it's time to pull the trigs on the rest of the stuff. I'll let you know. 

I do have one question for you. How do you feel about mixing a mid century teak coffee table
with a media console that looks like this:

Or this: 

Do you have thoughts on this my friends? 

On a sidenote. Justin caught me in a moment of weakness last night and made me a deal that he would clean up all of the dishes from dinner (We have no dishwasher people. Just stop for a moment and take in the magnitude of that situation.) AND take the dog out if I cleaned the bathroom this week (Cleaning the bathroom is one of his specialty's, and also one of his only house cleaning duties. Hey, I'm a perfectionist. And no one cleans like this lady cleans. Except the bathroom. I hate cleaning the bathroom.). In my moment of exhaustion, I AGREED. Ugh. 
But guess what? This lady is currently blogging from bed while her dream of a man is scrubbing away in the bathroom. If that doesn't deserve a shout out, I don't know what does. As Heather would say-holla!



  1. I am loving the child's room and the Moroccan poof in the photo below it. Do you know who makes it..Jonathan Adler? xx- Monica

  2. Hi Monica-You can find Moroccan poufs here: http://www.serenaandlily.com/Furnishings/Furniture-Poufs-Stools or I know Cococozy carries some too. So cute right?

  3. Just want to share that your post inspired upcoming changes to our kiddos shared space. We never thought of framed photos behind the toddler bed..Bob is working on some art to frame to add a bit of a more masculine balance. xx- Monica

  4. Oh Monica! I didn't realize it was you. Hi! Your family is adorable btw. Love that the post inspired some changes, send me some pics when the space is done, I'd love to see! xox


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