Currently Coveting: Out to Sea.

Good morning from the wrong side of the bed. Oh hey! Yeah, that's me over here, bun atop head, waving and giving the world the middle finger. Hello! Tell me how you'd feel if you woke up with this song in your head. Over and over: black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow. I don't even remember ever hearing this song consciously. I mean, I don't even know who the f#$k Wiz Khalifa IS. I'll tell you who he is. He's not a good way to start the day. That's who.

I'm feeling all out of whack this morning, mostly I think because of my lack of inspiration. Aw. Ful. I guess it's normal. Everyone else talks about it. I just didn't really understand what they meant exactly, exactly, until this week. I had some mild pangs last week but nothing like what's happening now. Oy vey. Out to sea is right.

Do you guys have a formula for times like these? If so, please share in that little comments section right down at the bottom of this here post. I can tell you one thing that absolutely will not work under any circumstances and that is drinking really weak coffee that irritates you more with each and every single sip you take. Nope. That is not the way to go here. Now you know. 

Ship. Ships. Ships ahoy. It seems like a fitting day to ship it up. Why not? Just me, Wiz, and some ship chandeliers. Who doesn't want a ship chandelier? Really. Personally, I'd put it somewhere totally unexpected, like a bathroom or something. You cannot take it too seriously. I mean, it's a chandelier shaped like a ship. Made out of crystals. Come on.

Nanette goes Moroccan with it. So good.

 Katie can pull off a ship for sure. See, in a bathroom? Fun-ness. Bet the kiddos love that dang chandy.

A little Ken Fulk, shipping in SF.

The hipster version. Replete with Edison bulbs and forged by a local blacksmith...hee hee. 

 Lili takes the cake. Love it with the painting.

Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.

Katie Leede traditional with a twist. Love the pompom curtains too, FYI.

Now, I'm off to run, fog and all. Just me and Wiz.
Thanks for cheering me up you guys. You're the best.
PS: We are working on my font today (by we I mean Eva). Please forgive the haphazardness of it all.


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