Currently Coveting: Peacock Mirror.

These weren't even on my radar before about a month ago but, all of a sudden, I'm seeing them erywhere. I have been agonizing and hunting and looking under rocks for the perfect mirror for my front hall. Theoretically, the hunt is over. I have found it. Realistically, the hunt has only just begun. That is! unless anyone out there wants to donate to the Get Heidi The Peacock Mirror of Her Dreams Fund. Christmas IS coming up, my very favorite holiday. And, oh my goodness, imagine how just perfect this mirror would be for the holidays. Twinkles beyond my wildest dreams. I am in l o v e. So, anyway, feel free to contact me to get in on the donations. You don't want to be left out of this special offer. 

Dreamy pictures after the jump!




And now I have a baby to babysit for the remainder of my day. Hands. Are. Full.


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