Gender Roles (or Boy meets Girl).

Falling asleep last night after a mild argument with my mostly-fantastic-all-the-time boyfriend, I was lightly pondering how different boys and girls really are. By lightly pondering, I mean a tiny, wee passing ditty in my sleepy head. I was breathing steadily at this point, totally relaxed, dog tucked in under my arm. And there it came! A great idea for a blog post for today! It woke me out of my stupor for a brief second. I even had the first two opening lines for the post. And they were really, really good. 

At times like this (There are actually lots of times like this. Ideas for posts come at the most random times.), I normally grab my phone and pop the idea into my iCal so I am all queued up for when I want to write. I've learned that, even when you are positive the idea is still going to be there the next day because it is just that good, it often gets lost amongst the dreams of the night. But last night, goddammit, I nodded with affirmation to myself that surely surely I would remember this in the morning, a mere 7 hours away. As I rolled over onto my side, I slipped into slumber with images and words floating through my head. A fabulous post it would be indeed.

And here we are. I'm sure by that rather unexciting opening paragraph, you have predicted what has happened. You readers are sheer genius sometimes, yaknowthat? Those two brilliant opening lines? Gone! The construction of images, so gahgeous just hours ago? GONE! You have got to be kidding me. F$#*@k. It's there. I can see it just sitting there in the back of my brain. But I can't reach it.

So, we're going to have to go with some fresh material this morning. Unfortunate for both of us because I slept a little too long and I'm sitting here with a heavy brain and tired eyes. What was breezing through my mind last night, after an argument, was how, really, at the core of it all, we are just so different, us men and ladies. And, of course, I got to thinking of the blues and the pinks and how lovely they both are, but how at odds they are. The blues all cold, steely, icy, hard. The pinks so warm, soft, sweet, rosy. 

The blues and the pinks. The pinks and the blues. 



  1. Hello!

    My roommate and I both love your blog!!

    We're in the midst of a redesign of our apartment and are in love with the top two tufted velvet chairs.

    Do you know where they're from?

    Lea & Liz

  2. Hi Lea and Liz: So glad you love the blog! Those chairs are both amazing, right?? The blue one is the Mercer Tufted Chair from Canvas and the pink one is the Cobble Hill Tribeca Tufted Chair from ABC Home (reupholstered in pink). Links are here:
    Good luck with the redesign! Send me photos if you get one of the chairs, I'd love to see.


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