Going in.

It feels like a day for quietude. At the very base of that feeling lies the fact that we had a crazy busy (crazy fun too) weekend with friends, spent very little time actually relaxing and are now being tossed back into the work week, oh so cruelly. I'm also laid up with an ice pack on my knee from a running injury last week, one that I thought would be feeling better by now so I didn't go see a doctor right away kind of injury, but now it's still swollen and tender and awfully wobbly in there. I'm heading in for a referral tomorrow so, fingers crossed people!, it is just a pulled something and not a torn something. Add to this that it is September 11 today, a day that I always think is going to pass unnoticed by me one of these years but never actually manages to. Justin and I were musing the other day how odd it will be that we will have children who weren't here, on this earth, for that day. It doesn't seem plausible, to only know it from a history book. Coupled with the anniversary of Katrina just two weeks ago (another event that changed my life into something unrecognizable and a day that continues to sadden me, year after year) I think the need for some introspective solitude is just fine for today. 

And I have just the space to match it.

I could not imagine a more cozy space to sit and gather your thoughts, right? 
What a spot. I want to take a winter vacation here. The kind where you don't leave the house except to get more firewood. And you definitely do not get out of your pajamas.


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