Saturday Stunner.

Does this image bore you? If it does, this blog might not be a good fit for you. Because this image does anything but bore me. 

When I first saw it, I imagined how I would decorate it. The options would be endless, but I would want to let the character of the space speak too. Nothing to distract from its beauty.  Simple, unadorned. What I could do with those floors. Oh my. 

When I looked again, I pictured having a family here, in this grand, grand home. Walking in that door with a baby bundle for the first time. Little boys in pajamas peeking through that banister late at night as friends got their coats after a long, wine-drinking-lingering-around-the-table dinner. Mud boots in all sizes lined up against the wall on rainy days. Wet footprints left from walking the dogs. Christmas time with tons of shrieking children and loads of family members from all across the country. Twinkling lights and garland. A staircase lined with photos of years past. Graduation parties, celebrations, weddings in that backyard. Growing old, coming down those stairs on a threadbare runner, thousands, millions of times. 

And the longer I gazed at this one little photo, the more I could feel the presence of this house in my bones. It seemed to hold an entire future, in that one old entryway. So, I'm sorry if this image doesn't excite you in its simplicity. Look deeper. Look again. What do you see?


1 comment:

  1. Brought back so many memories. Excited me for future ones. Well done Heidi!


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