Spotlight: Dehn Bloom.

I am happy to report that it's Friday, finally. Not to be dramatic or anything but, my gawd, this week hasn't been the best. Be over already. So excited for the weekend which is filled with plans for hanging out with friends, watching football and cooking big Italian meals. And even more stoked for the arrival of some of our very dearest friends in the whole wide universe coming to stay next week. We've got no agenda on the books yet but it is always guaranteed to be a time filled with belly laughs. 

You might notice we changed some things up around here. Back to the original font we started the redesign with. I couldn't stand the one I was using before so it had to go. I know I had some readers with issues seeing the new font (some said it was too light). Eva and I have found that different fonts show up differently depending on the browser you're using so, if ya having problems, change ya browser yo. I can't be having ugly typeface around here. I've also added some new sponsors so feel free to get acquainted with some of the peeps on the left sidebar. All shops I love (and you should too). And, as always, please feel free to email me with your latest design dilemmas. If you want the eye of a designer but don't have the cash money to pay for a professional, I can be all the professional you need. I would be ever so happy to help you out. 

Plus, all design services are now coming with a free cuddly new kitten*:
*This may or may not be true. 

Ok anyway. Back to work. Pay attention people. Stop getting distracted. 
It's spotlight day! Woo hoo. Today we are keeping it local with Dehn Bloom Designs. This lady, Allison Bloom, inspires me in so many ways. First of all, she is a great designer. Her taste is right up my alley and I adore all of the images I'm going to post here today. But the main reason I admire this woman is that she didn't take the traditional road to get to where she is. She designed her own house, became smitten and found her way from there. I have appreciation for all designers, traditional and not, but I have a particular softness in my heart for people, in general, who take a different path to get there. 
It completely inspires me to keep going in the direction I'm going, and to stick with it, even when it seems totally futile.

Wishbones, windsors and a sheesha. Really? Could it be any more perfect? 

I'm in love love love with the pillow situation happening on this shelter sofa. This is accessible design, people.

 Dontcha dig the artwork? By April Dawn Parker. Want.

 She designed this desk herself out of bins from kids playgrounds.

 Open shelving is such a great solution in this small kitchen.

 For the SF Decorators Showcase. It was my favorite room in the whole house by a longshot.

 Ethnic, industrial, earthy. Warms my heart.


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