Spotlight: Erin Martin.

You know what I like about this woman so much? That she leans pretty rustic traditional in her designs but then she always throws something unexpected or edgy in there. Girl is not afraid of taking a risk, that is fo sho. You know what else I like? Her discreet, repetitive use of products. It is obvious that she is fond of certain lighting or fixtures. She uses them over and over (read: Jielde lamps and Kohler Karbon faucets). Which I guess sometimes comes off as lack of creativity. But with her, it comes off as some sort of brilliant branding technique. Like-"This is my steeze. I'm gonna use it again. And you're going to recognize it's me, bitches."

That being said, I love how she throws a modern piece into some very rustic interiors. Keeps it interesting. She's the daughter of an architect and an interior designer...um, jealous much? Anyway, without further ado,

Really one of my favorite images of all time. The Serge Mouille lamps, the crosses, the Moroccan bedspread, the leather chair. Oh, and the paneling. Mildly obsessed.

Loads more after the jump:

Note how the amazing lamp is hung with rope? Awesome.

My goodness. I love what is going on here.

Remember this table? And I can't even tell you how much this image justifies my difficulty in adding color to my living room. Yep, bought colored pillows and just CANNOT get used to them. But it's ok, right? Right??

 That table and rug combo is heaven. 

Cool sink for a kids bathroom dontchathink?

For the detailing on the headboard. I wonder if it is actually hung.

Liking the use of larger pieces as bedside tables lately. Creates a dramatic moment.

 The sweetest nautical inspired bathroom. The gold touches do it for me. And those lockers are pretty fab.


 Stunning cane seating with refined legs. These are amazing.

 OOH. So many interesting lines here. This is an excellent design moment.

 Outside the box. Very far.

 I think Erin might be a fan of the ugly | pretty. So am I.

What I would not give to be able to have light colored sofas and rugs. With a dog? No way in hell. One bad jump up and it would all be over.

 This is just the perfect nook for a weekend in Sonoma, or a beachside cottage. I would love to fall asleep with my book laying open on my chest, that tiny sconce still shedding the softest light.


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