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We got through Tuesday. And it actually wasn't half bad. As a designer there is probably no better feeling than when a client tells you that they love the work you did for them. That happened yesterday and it put me right up there over the moon. So, I'm going to say it again to you, my very favorite people in all of the land. I would love to help you with your houses, your apartments, your porches, your closets! Click on that Services tab up there at the top of this blog to enter a world of magic and sunshine. It is damn pretty in there, I promise.

I recommended a lantern pendant for the client I just finished. I would never ever ever in one million years have done this a year ago. I would have seen a photo of it and thought "damn. those are so traditional and ugly." Well. My tune has changed. To the tune of the love. It is like lantern land on Pinterest, and in all the mags too. There are so so many options to choose from and, depending on what you pick, so so many different ways to style around it. It is official. I want.

The first time I fell in love was this-

Hey look! It's our old friend Amanda again! I wonder how many times I can post the same photo? Obsessed much? 

And then all of these followed. Consider me smitten.


So lovely in round.
Bill Ingram via House Beautiful

A little Scandi, a little country.

via Lonny

Patterned and colorful.

Modern interpretation. Clean lines. So simple.


Farmhouse entry.

 Loving the Moroccan style. 

Modern, airy and fresh.

Country mudroom, wellies included.

 With some Windsor chairs!

The brick herringbone. The wee car. The loveseat. All of it. 

Glossy and gilted.

 House Beautiful November 2011

 Uber trad. 
via Architectural Digest

 P S. Anyone have time to work out for me today? Because I most certainly do not and my ass most certainly needs a work out. Phaedra is feeling a little flabs. 


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