You sure look fine.

I mean, when it's Monday morning and you get the new Lonny in your inbox, what else are you supposed to blog about, right? It's like a little gift being plopped in your lap. Plop. *And, trust, I need a gift plopped in my lap after seeing my Saints fall to the Redskins IN THE SUPERDOME yesterday. That wasn't how I was expecting Sunday to go, not at all.*

Some highlights from the issue:

Tranquil color palette. Soft pops of pink almost always work for me.

Obsessing over the hutch and the sconce. 
This bed kills it. The rest of the room, I can leave behind. But this spindle bed. Oh, it is quite fabulous.

Perhaps some dotted wallpaper in my bathroom. 
Pretty cute. 

This is really working for me. The use of sconces instead of lamps in this whole house is unique. It allows for a uncluttered line of sight. Genius. 

Pale pinks, whites, natural texture plus an Ochre light fixture? 
Si, I'm sold.

And a nice selection of bedrooms. Again, with the sconces.  

PS. Remember that funk I was in a few weeks ago? And then again the week after that? And then last week too? Yeah, that one. It's over. I had some very lovely emails from some designers I have mad respect for in my inbox this morning. That'll whip this girl straight outta the funk. The kind words made my day. I also had an email from V and M letting me know they had featured my blog in their mailer. Do you guys remember V and M? One of my faves. All those small little rewards I've been talking about? Yeah, these aren't those. These are huge gigantic terribly fantastic things to wake up to on a Monday morning. And I am feeling just incredibly grateful for all of it. 



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