For the love of toile.

As a decorator you hope and pray, fingers crossed, for the day someone says you can do whatever you want with their house. Money is no concern. Just go for it. And at that point I might just go ahead and bring in some toile. It is one of my favorite prints of all time ever. I don't know why. It's pretty traditional. But there is really something magnificent about a room filled with toile. 


An empty room.

Disclaimer: No matter what I say today on this here blog? None of it is important, really, because people lost homes last night and that is no laughing matter. Hurricanes are horrible, destructive, life altering events. Pictures of the flooding on the Eastern seaboard bring back some pretty awful memories of Katrina and my heart goes out to everyone affected. Seriously. 

Now, back to life on the West Coast. Wow. Fun ass weekend with far too many World Series celebrations. We are exhausted and completely over drinking cocktails and singing "We are the Champions". Twas fun though. Hey, I'm not really much of a baseball fan but two things here. One: When a team is magic, you can tell. This team was magic and it was beautiful to watch them win. Two: My Saints are having what can only be described as an awful season. I need some winning in my life to ease the pain of watching a team that is not so magic this year. It helped. A little. Not a lot. 

Last night we cozied up on the couch with homemade curry and watched Silent House which scared the s*&t out of me. You know the kind of scared where you feel more than slightly nauseous while you are watching. Yeah, that kind. I proceeded to have nightmares and wake up every few hours petrified. So, thanks Silent House, for that. I haven't felt that way since I watched The Strangers and if you haven't seen that I'll say SEE IT! but only if you don't live alone and only if you are prepared to deal with being scared at every knock on the door. For the rest of your life.

Silent House takes place in a house that is, for the most part, just empty space. So much empty space. A lake house that the family had been coming back to, year after year. It had this city girl's heart longing I tell you. It reminded me of how I felt watching the last Bourne movie. You know, the one with Rachel Weisz and that big old empty country house in upstate New York that was just dreamy to me? I spent a good chunk of that movie imagining how fantastical it would be to decorate that house. Anyway. I've got a whole collection of empty spaces in a folder on my desktop. Pure fantasy here. Pure decorating heaven. Remember this one? Yeah, I love them. And they are now also a bit spooky to me. Just in time for Halloween, my least favorite holiday. 

Pure suburban, lake house love if you ask me.

Creeps. Bigtime.

Parisian fo sho. 


Saturday Stunner.

"Much of the time we are here pretending our way through our days. Now and then things come up quietly behind us-new love, death, unexpected surprises both good or bad-and scream BOO! We stagger, sometimes our whole 'life' staggers at the shock. It can take a long time to recover and get back again to our normal pretending."
*Jonathan Carroll

Uh yeah. True that. With all of the straight up happiness that has been floating around me the past few weeks I've been struggling a little *a lot* trying to get back to normal, whatever that means. Normal.

This door surely opens to something more spectacular than you could ever imagine.
And it is also a clue for things to come. New feature next week. Yep, that day off yesterday got the blog brain working again. Works every time. 
knock on wood


Let's just stay in bed.

Ok ok. First things first. The hotel bathroom project I mentioned? Yeah. That one. I got it. Very exciting and also very daunting. I have no idea how I ended up with my first big design job being a restroom since I absolutely in no way like designing them. But we're going to go with it. The month of November just got busy in ways I didn't know existed. Working on dining rooms for two clients, now doing four restrooms for the hotel. Planning a {non} wedding. Working out to new extremes to get ready for said {non} wedding. Launching an interior design business with a friend. Oh, yeah. And that full time job thing. Shoot.

All of that being said, I am taking today as a personal day. On personal days around here we do all sorts of lounging around with dogs, catching up on our DVR list and eating of tacos. I also need to spend about five hours working on this blog thathasescapedmyattentionforfartoolongnow. Refreshing and updating. You'd be surprised how easy it is to let it all slip away. Blogging is a job in itself, at least if you want people to keep reading you, and it is a constant effort to keep shit interesting around here. So woohoo for that. Yay Friday.

In the midst of all of the chaos (and trust me, I am not complaining, I am ever grateful) I have been craving some quiet space. In bed. A whole bunch of lovely beds I wish I was spending my day in (while watching Revenge, of course, and eating tacos with my little nacho).

 Closing those curtains so fast and not opening them until tomorrow AM. 

 Covered in shag.

 Like the best college bed ever.

 This one is my winner today, I believe. 

 Rowrowrow the boat.

 Um. Check that Marimekko fabric on the sham. So early SJP in SATC. Member the curtains?

 Teals and whites. And butterflies. Hmmm.

 Creepy and fab all at once.

For my Cape Cod weekend house. 

Doesn't this just look like the perfect place to suffer through a cold? 

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Currently Coveting.

This one may be a little off kilter for my usual self. And you might be surprised. But, trust, it's perfect for me. I have to have one. Only in very recent years have I embraced the animal print, namely, the leopard. It started with a pair of flats which I discovered quickly work just fine as a neutral. I now have a few pair of shoes, a belt and some sweaters. What can I say? It's a nice alternative to STRIPES, which I love deep down but are erywhere, and I mean e v e r y w h e r e, these days. And polka dots, which are basically the new stripes. It's a print that can work with other prints, and on its own. I have become one hundred percent convinced that the final pillow for my sofa needs to be some sort of leopard print incarnation. It is risk I am completely willing to take. I am of the opinion that you should not go cheap here. Because, if you do, it'll probably look cheap. As with many things in life.

My top two leopard pillows:
 NEST Interiors

Jayson Home

Notice how they are grey toned? Very important. The gold/yellow variety is way too animal for me. It needs to look more like a print, and less like an animal. 

Notice how they are also both $450? Yeah, so that's a problem. I just bought this little ditty, which I am completely smitten with:
Which if you follow the link to you will see was pretty pricey. The most expensive pillow I've ever bought for myself. 
So another 400$ pillow is nowhere in my near future, especially with our impending nuptials. 

I am also rather fond of the Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa Feline fabric. And by rather fond I mean pretty much obsessed. I spotted this one months ago when I was at the design center sourcing for a job and immediately gravitated towards it. 
 I've thought of having a pillow made but most of the colorways are dark backgrounded (made up word alert!). Will not work with my charcoal grey sofa. 

So this all leaves me a-dreaming for awhile longer.





This is actually the image that started it all...
Even though that particular pillow will never work for me it started me thinking. 
And now here we are.
In love.


In the black.

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday. Ho hum. Still hating you, consistently, week after week. 

Yesterday was entirely too chaotic to be a Monday. Normally Mondays in this house are reserved for cooking slow food, watching Homeland from the night before, and reading. Instead there was lots of running around, dragging huge 9x12 rugs to the East Bay (I will go ahead and give West Elm the old thumbs UP for their customer service), getting fingers sized for wedding rings, shopping for boring things like glass cleaner wipes and dish soap (where Target did indeed do as is always promised and ended us up with four bags of stuff we did not need), and laundry. And many hours spent frantically searching the online world for my dream dress, which disappeared before my very own eyes off of Gilt Monday morning and which is also, consequently, unavailable from BHLDN. Discontinued. FML. Hours spent to no avail. If anyone has a size 2 Spun Sugar Shift lying around, I'll take it. 


I have noticed black trim in interiors for, well, as long as I can remember. But lately it has been popping up on my radar more and more. Which would normally mean that I immediately need to get to painting the doors in my apartment. Cole Hardware, black gloss, paintbrushes, trimmers, dropcloths, the whole deal. However, after the debacle of painting white over our charcoal grey bedroom walls last year, I don't think I'll be tackling this one quite yet. A wee daunting and I'm not convinced it would do much to brighten our already-way-too-dark second floor cave. You, however, are a different story. And if you haven't been traumatized by paint in your life yet, now might be the time for you.


Fall in Boston.

My god. It has just been mass pandemonium over here for days now. Getting engaged Wednesday kicked off what has been a very happy and crazy week. Huge dance success for a woman who worked her tail off all year. A game 7 for the Giants happening this very night (I'm not necessarily a Giants fan, not necessarily a baseball fan even, but this city goes b a n a n a s for their Giants and you cannot help but get sucked into it). It has been all cocktails and champagne, fireworks and sparklers. Work and friends and life has caught me up in this whirlwind for days on end and I woke up this morning feeling disoriented, to say the least. I have a list about ten miles long of things to do today. Ten miles people. That is a lot to get done. 

And it's raining. *insert wee smile here* It is a sacrilege to say you like the rain here. We have been enjoying our Indian summer (by "we" I mean "not me"-trust, I enjoy summer as much as the next but summer is for summer. Summer is not for fall. All I want is a goddamn change of seasons up in here.) for the past month but I do believe it may officially be over today. Rain and clouds. It is the first day that it feels like fall, and I am in love. 

You know why I like this photo? Not because it's pretty (which it most definitely is) but because the light streaming through those windows is exactly the light that New England has in the fall. 

It's all crisp and white and clean. Fall days here, in this city, are generally either foggy or rainy. But there, there, fall days are sunny and cold.  Just the right weather for a huge, chunky sweater and afternoon window shopping. This photo completely transplants me to when I was in Boston in the fall, on a long weekend, right after I graduated college. I had just moved to New Orleans, a few months before, to start graduate school at Tulane and I was desperately, desperately thinking about moving back up North. In a foreign land, all by myself, when all of my friends were either in Boston or New York City. I was miserable. I went to visit and, although there was really nothing very remarkable about it, I can still always conjure up what the day looked like as we walked outside from a Sunday brunch onto some beautiful Boston street. The light was so pale and bright and dappled, streaming through the golds and reds and oranges on the trees. It felt so quaint, which is something that the East Coast cities hold supremely over us out here on the West Coast, that feeling of being in a huge city that seems somehow like a village. There's all sorts of football happening and apple picking and pumpkins on stoops and chilly hands being warmed by hot cider. Ohmygod it makes my heart hurt thinking about it. The change of seasons is, without a doubt, the time that I get the most homesick for New England. There is no place on Earth like it in the fall. I cannot even imagine how fantastic it would be to rent a little cabin in the Adirondacks for the month of October. Spend the weeks in the city and the weekends driving all over Vermont and Eastern Massachusetts, stopping off at little bakeries and barns all along the way. This is on my bucket list and I cannot wait to do it someday.

But in the meantime I'll do fall the best way I can out here on the coast with no seasons. Sweaters, Hunters and hot coffee. To the *unofficial* first day of fall. 


Saturday Stunner.

No way out
Hit by a train this morning, or last night, whatever. We are tired in this household this Saturday! 
My phone and email have been one steady, constant buzz these past two days which has left me feeling terribly loved and blessed. So thank you all for all of the sweetness. You are the best. 

Rousing myself for one last little smidge of work today and then heading to a very amazing dance show tonight put on by a lady I am so proud to call my dear friend. Tomorrow is all errands and football (and possibly a little baseball if I am forced). I am the very unfortunate new owner of a 9x12 jute rug from West Elm that needs to be returned. I have no idea in all of the world what I was thinking getting a rug that big for this apartment. An experiment no doubt. That failed epically. And I now have a massive heap of natural fiber in the corner of my living room because this thing is too big for me to even lay out to roll back up. I was full on soaked in sweat by the time I finished trying to wrangle it out of my living room. As you can imagine, all my OCD brain can think about is getting it OUT. So there is a small (large) chance that I will make my soon to be hubs wrastle this beast into our car (if it'll even fit) to return in the East Bay (oh gasp, he is so not going to be happy about this) tomorrow. It needs to be gone from my life. 

And that completes this installment of Exciting Things That'll Be Happening Around Here This Weekend. Can you even handle it...
Have a lovely weekend. 
Over and out.



I'm back. Resurfacing slowly and a little bit discombobulatedly (made that word up. don't worry. i know.). I've been a little out of sorts with the hotel presentation (fingers crossed I got it and fingers crossed I didn't because this little thing is a little out of my league), wrapping up one project and just starting another. And yesterday, well yesterday was the very first day of something big. And today, today is big too. Today is the second morning that I got to wake up totally different than I have ever been in my life. Because, chickadees, today is the second morning of my life that I woke up engaged. Like, to be married engaged. There should be a series of billions of exclamation points right about here because I am over the moon. But we'll just leave it at "over the moon" and carry on. Well maybe just a few...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok ok. Needless to say, I am beyond happy. 

Justin and I knew very early on (I probably knew before our first date when I was stalking him on Facebook) that this was it for both of us. We instantly spent most of our hours together and we moved in relatively fast.  That first year was like wham wham change changes changing. 

And then you settle into your house and your life and the days fly by so impossibly fast it's hard to keep up. Until one night three years later when you are sitting at a table in your favorite restaurant and the most impossibly romantic thing happens. And then, in one instant, you become a very lucky lady who  gets to *officially* spend the rest of her life with this guy: 


I know I've been keeping you all from the regular design digs this week so today I promise to deliver. Even though I do not, in any way shape or form want a wedding (nononononohellnoneverNO), my thoughts can't help but settle on things that are white today. So, to satiate all of us, me included, and to bring me back into my design mind because I actually do need to focus today, a round up of my favorite whites. 



Taking an unintentional mid-week break from the blog. I'll be back tomorrow with regular posts, promise. Shiz has been crazy around here this week. I need a vacay.


From the desktop of HMB.

Up super early this morning after we both crawled into bed at the tender hour of 9PM. Yow, that is early for us. Maybe it was the leftovers we ate from a Mexican fiesta we had with friends the night before. Or maybe we are just getting old. Either way it's a good thing because I've got a big day ahead. I am doing a final presentation to a hotel client this afternoon and, everyone here cross your fingers, I really hope I get it. I need to get it. For my mental wellbeing. 

I was uncluttering my desktop this morning, wondering which folders I should toss everything into and I thought maybe I should just share everything with you instead. Why not? We're all friends around here. 


That's it. I'm moving to Chicago.

I love Chicago. I spent a very fun few days there with some of my most favorite girlfriends in all of the land about three years ago. The city is gorgeous and I fell in deep like rather quickly. But the sole reason I want to pack it all up and head to the windy city is for my one true love, Jayson Home. Their fall flea market must be about the best thing in world. I couldn't imagine a more dreamy Saturday than heading out, grabbing a hot coffee to ward off the chill in the air, and shopping very expensive vintage finds with gobs of other like-minded people. Luckily for all of us, they go live online with the sale a few days later. Which leaves us with one thing to do. Go shopping, duh.

*Now, I was going to make this all pretty and Photoshopped (also commonly referred to as themostdifficultandaggravatingcomputerprogrameverinventedinthewholeentireworld-shop) but I'm feeling exceptionally lazy this morning, and also slightly cranky, so that is most definitely not going to happen.*


Sunday Stunner.

You guys. I missed my Saturday Stunner for the first time in a really long time yesterday. The day just got away from me and before I knew it I was sleeping soundly in my bed (which was much needed, trust me). We are doing some petsitting this weekend, and next week, so the mornings have been filled to the brim with scooping litterboxes, feedings, turning on faucets so kitties can drink from them, dog dates with Ponyboy and his most favorite lady friend, and plenty of driving from house to house to do all of it. It's kind of fun though, and it makes me feel like I have real family here. I've realized over the years of living in a big city, where most people's families are so far, that you have to at least try to take care of each other in a way that only family normally does. 

I'm going to do a Sunday Stunner today instead. Because it is cold and foggy outside my window and I'd like to spend this coziest of mornings snuggled up under the covers with a steaming mug of coffee, my blogs and some football. It is starting to feel like Christmas just a tiny bit (for those of you who hate the Christmas anticipation starting this early in the year, shhhhh! I say to you, it is never too early for Christmas). Have a splendid Sunday y'all. 

Can't you almost feel the pitter patter of these feet as they make their way towards the coffee pot, a crusty loaf of bread and some warm butter? 


Seat of the Week: Slow Chair

Been a little while since we've done a seat of the week, I think way before my little blog rant, and I have to say that I miss them. C'mon guys. There are just so many chairs out there that I want, that we all want! I'm not as drawn to modern lines as I once was but the one area that I still embrace some serious modern influence remains in the chair. 

The Slow Chair in pink, to be specific.
Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec
The seat is made of tightly stretched knit. Don't you just love that? Like sitting down into a sweater.


Quotes that make me want to kill myself and pictures that make me want to live.

The blogosphere (barf, I hate that word) is all blowing up about how this is the year of the designed quote. And if you belong to Pinterest you will one hundred percent completely know what I'm talking about when I say that. If you don't belong to Pinterest, first, you should because it's super fun, second, I kind of don't want you to because the blogosphere has also been saying all year that Pinterest is the death of the blogs, and third, if you join you will have the chance to immediately see exactly what I'm referring to. Now, don't get me wrong. I am as sappy as the next, I really really am. I went to bed crying last night over the end of My Berlin Kitchen. I get weepy over these quotes sometimes. I am all about inspiration and living your life and all of that blahblahblah. Or I was, now that I'm thinking about it. I do believe that the year of the designed quote has taken away some of my joy. Now most of them just annoy me. I mean, they are meant to be inspirational and they come from a good place but they are also so completely ridiculous it's laughable. Like, people, this is real life. Bad shit happens to good people ALL THE TIME. And I get that it's important to live your dreams and do what you love but we are not all in the same boat here. We don't ALL get to quit our jobs and become freelance mommy bloggers who are supported by our rich husbands. It's just not the way it is. 

 Or maybe it's just going to be normal, like for most people. The pressure to be AH-MAZING! Seriously, slit your wrists if you don't see fireworks when you wake up in the morning. Something must be wrong with you! C'mon, it's all supposed to be AMAZING all the time everyday nonstop AMAZING. 

 Ahhahahaha. Bullshit. I know plenty of people who God gave more to than they could handle. I was listening to This American Life yesterday and this woman was talking about this quote and saying how she has this image in her head of G-dog up there looking down and thinking "Eh, let's see here, I think she can handle juuuust a little bit more." sprinkle cancer sprinkle death sprinkle a lil breakup here and there sprinkle bankruptcy failed business sprinkle dinkle. "Let's see, that should just about do it."

 Stop it. Mittens winning the presidential election is the designer of my own catastrophy. Duh.

 Ah. One of my favorites. A real affirmation this one is. So long paying job! So long work! Hello yachting off of St. Barth's and drinking champagne! Booyah! 

 Or maybe when I was traveling the world in my twenties, not a care in sight, maybe that was the best. Who knows? Or maybe when I was a wee babe, sleeping and eating all day long, maybe that was. I don't know if I believe that a saggy ass and wrinkles bode well for "The best is yet to come."
 This is so stupid I don't even know what to say. 

 And also somewhat annoying. So don't be cheerful all the time. Trust me, it is not contagious.

 Hmmm. I wonder if my future self will thank me for doing the dishes. Or opening my new box of goodies from Madewell. Gosh, I really don't know. Maybe I'll just sit here and think about it for a little while. It's a lot of pressure, this future self.

 Not true. As I said above, bad things happen to good, hard-working people every single day. This quote pisses me off to no end. If amazing things DON'T happen to you, trust me, it doesn't mean that you aren't kind or don't work hard. So stupid.

 So, I'll be back right after I go draw some rainbows. You know, just to make sure I have a better day today.

 Aww. Cute. So easy. Guys! Go! Find it! Quick! And follow it gawdammit! It is the way to happiness! 

Puke all over this.

And now, just to bring us all back from the edge, a rather random selection of the pretty.

 Breathe it all in, love it all out.

 Lucite layered over wood. I am loving loving this combination lately. Must happen in my future home. It is my yellow brick road, I am sure of it. 

 Clean and serene.

 WTF. I am still waiting for this GD pompom blanket. This man? Yeah, he just refuses to be pushed. I'm pretty sure my future self would be happy if I purchased this today.


 To get away from it all. A place to escape all of the quotes!

THIS is contagious, my friends. This. Not cheerfulness.

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