Currently Coveting: Thomas Paul.

Drumroll please! 

I'd like to take this spectacular moment to introduce you to my newest sponsor-Thomas Paul. This is a no brainer. One of my absolute favorite places for pillows and textiles, their products toe that perfect line for me-the line riiight there between rustic and modern. The pillow search has been ON for my house for like ever and I may have finally found my match. The back of that camel pillow is killing it. Love the fringe and the block print. Plus, that bathmat? Want it, covet it, make it mine.

I have a special place in my heart for this company.
Their pillows are some of the first ones I ever bought for my house, my first inkling that I might just be in love with design. And here I am, right smack in the middle of a full on infatuation. 


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