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This one may be a little off kilter for my usual self. And you might be surprised. But, trust, it's perfect for me. I have to have one. Only in very recent years have I embraced the animal print, namely, the leopard. It started with a pair of flats which I discovered quickly work just fine as a neutral. I now have a few pair of shoes, a belt and some sweaters. What can I say? It's a nice alternative to STRIPES, which I love deep down but are erywhere, and I mean e v e r y w h e r e, these days. And polka dots, which are basically the new stripes. It's a print that can work with other prints, and on its own. I have become one hundred percent convinced that the final pillow for my sofa needs to be some sort of leopard print incarnation. It is risk I am completely willing to take. I am of the opinion that you should not go cheap here. Because, if you do, it'll probably look cheap. As with many things in life.

My top two leopard pillows:
 NEST Interiors

Jayson Home

Notice how they are grey toned? Very important. The gold/yellow variety is way too animal for me. It needs to look more like a print, and less like an animal. 

Notice how they are also both $450? Yeah, so that's a problem. I just bought this little ditty, which I am completely smitten with:
Which if you follow the link to you will see was pretty pricey. The most expensive pillow I've ever bought for myself. 
So another 400$ pillow is nowhere in my near future, especially with our impending nuptials. 

I am also rather fond of the Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa Feline fabric. And by rather fond I mean pretty much obsessed. I spotted this one months ago when I was at the design center sourcing for a job and immediately gravitated towards it. 
 I've thought of having a pillow made but most of the colorways are dark backgrounded (made up word alert!). Will not work with my charcoal grey sofa. 

So this all leaves me a-dreaming for awhile longer.





This is actually the image that started it all...
Even though that particular pillow will never work for me it started me thinking. 
And now here we are.
In love.


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  1. 4 billzzzz for that pillow babe??? FUCK! I like it but FUCK! You told me it was cheap.


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