For the love of toile.

As a decorator you hope and pray, fingers crossed, for the day someone says you can do whatever you want with their house. Money is no concern. Just go for it. And at that point I might just go ahead and bring in some toile. It is one of my favorite prints of all time ever. I don't know why. It's pretty traditional. But there is really something magnificent about a room filled with toile. 

I particularly love it for a small room, a bathroom, perhaps. But I also would use it in a girls room or a fun dining room. Just gotta find the right client. Takers?

I am loving some of the more updated, edgy versions that are available now. I've had my eye on both of these designers for awhile.

First up, Timorous Beasties has been doing city based toiles that are amazing.

Who of you silly people would not want one of these in your house? 

And next up, be still my beating heart, the wonderful weird ugly pretty world of Richard Saja.
Man oh man. This guy is speaking to me in toile tongue. 

Tell me now if you are not obsessed. Dang. Dudes got skills. I would take any and all of these and make pillows, curtains, wall coverings, frame it, slather it on my white toast in the morning. 

Viva the Toile!


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  1. Stumbled across your blog! Wonderful. Love toile and in my 25 years of design....I have had 2 maybe 3 clients say.....just do it.....I trust you. Gawd.....I live for those times! As far as toile......can't get more classic or timeless.


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