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Up super early this morning after we both crawled into bed at the tender hour of 9PM. Yow, that is early for us. Maybe it was the leftovers we ate from a Mexican fiesta we had with friends the night before. Or maybe we are just getting old. Either way it's a good thing because I've got a big day ahead. I am doing a final presentation to a hotel client this afternoon and, everyone here cross your fingers, I really hope I get it. I need to get it. For my mental wellbeing. 

I was uncluttering my desktop this morning, wondering which folders I should toss everything into and I thought maybe I should just share everything with you instead. Why not? We're all friends around here. 

I've been thinking of doing a gallery wall in our entry and have been eyeing up a lot of frames but I also quite like this idea at a fraction of the cost. I was thinking of some cute washi tape but, in the end, I'm really just not a washi tape kinda girl.
Stay tuned. I'll let you know what I decide.

On my list of things to purchase covet. You'll probably see a bit of a theme going on here. I've been big on accessories lately. Trying to bulk up on pieces I really love.

One of the images I wish I had when I posted about Panton chairs. This always always happens when you are a blogger. You find the image you desperately wanted a few months too late. But, unless you somehow manage to pull every image you see, it is inevitable.

This lady posted about this ring and since I pretty much have decided that I want to be her, I want this ring.

Magenta. Who knew?

Impossibly pretty, no? How romantic to pour hot coffee out of this pitcher? Lovely for brunches at the house. 

I am loving this green color lately. It reminds me of Deep Pool by Ralph Lauren. 

I could weep over this. So pretty.

Weird. Another gold ring. I'm sensing a trend here.

Please let me sleep here. 

Gah. Simple black shelves, sort of messy, but with that chandelier? Heavens. 

Wait seriously? With that Giles and Brother knot bangle and my new Michael Kors sport watch in gold? Done. I love me some tortoiseshell.

Weird and also interesting. Wondering where the sink might be.

If anyone out there in this whole wide world is listening...please let me have a kitchen like this one day. It's not even that grand. Just perfect and simple. 

I love houses that are flipped, with the bedrooms downstairs. There is something super cozy and vacation like about them. 

I honestly don't really know why. It got me though. 

Buffing up that jewelry collection. I want a few key necklaces to layer and wear on the daily. 

I recently discovered this house to rent in Marshall, not far from here, but an entirely different place. I have become obsessed overnight with staying here. The quiet just seems so nice and I'd love to cook a huge meal for 8 of our closest friends in that kitchen.

And that's what I've got for you today. Just a random smattering of smatter.


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  1. Ummmmm, dude, that house is just up the street from us in Point Reyes!!! And R knows all kinds of peeps in Marshall. Oyster heaven. Yes, get it, now. Maybe we should just skip a wedding and have a party there. Gorgeous.

    Hit it outta the park today.



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