In the black.

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday. Ho hum. Still hating you, consistently, week after week. 

Yesterday was entirely too chaotic to be a Monday. Normally Mondays in this house are reserved for cooking slow food, watching Homeland from the night before, and reading. Instead there was lots of running around, dragging huge 9x12 rugs to the East Bay (I will go ahead and give West Elm the old thumbs UP for their customer service), getting fingers sized for wedding rings, shopping for boring things like glass cleaner wipes and dish soap (where Target did indeed do as is always promised and ended us up with four bags of stuff we did not need), and laundry. And many hours spent frantically searching the online world for my dream dress, which disappeared before my very own eyes off of Gilt Monday morning and which is also, consequently, unavailable from BHLDN. Discontinued. FML. Hours spent to no avail. If anyone has a size 2 Spun Sugar Shift lying around, I'll take it. 


I have noticed black trim in interiors for, well, as long as I can remember. But lately it has been popping up on my radar more and more. Which would normally mean that I immediately need to get to painting the doors in my apartment. Cole Hardware, black gloss, paintbrushes, trimmers, dropcloths, the whole deal. However, after the debacle of painting white over our charcoal grey bedroom walls last year, I don't think I'll be tackling this one quite yet. A wee daunting and I'm not convinced it would do much to brighten our already-way-too-dark second floor cave. You, however, are a different story. And if you haven't been traumatized by paint in your life yet, now might be the time for you.


 Obsession always, this one. The black with those rubbed bronze knobs. 

 I actually love it with the eggshell blue.

 Rustic and lovely.

 Actually not no sure on this one. Jessica Helgerson. Eh. Think it's overkill and makes the house look really dark. Maybe should've just done the doors.

 If you have windows like this you must paint them black. That is a direct order. And I'm realizing that I have windows just like this in my bedroom. So completely tempting...


 47 Park Avenue. You need to see this house. It is ridiculous.

 A modern, clean approach.

 The Ace.

Guess who's entry this is? Or was, I should say. This is also, consequently, exactly what Justin's old entryway looked like. In his Victorian that he shared with 2 million hippie roommates. Closets busting to the brim with Burning Man costumes. Man, I wish we could've bought that house. I so would've painted all of the doors black. 

 Thom Filicia's masculine goodness.

Love this corner. 

 And this one too.

 Roman and Williams. They love a black trim.

A little traditional.

 And a lot of gloss. 

A crazy perfect way to divide a space. All of you people out there with junior one-bedrooms should take heed and go get paint immediately.

 What? I told you I was obsessed. Just one more time. For good measure. 


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