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I'm kind of curious as to why I have to be a member for erything these days? Why do I have to sign in to all of these flash sale websites, home decor sales, etc. when there is nothing that I have to do to be a member except enter my email and a password? What is the point of all this? I mean, if there was some sort of perk or fee to be paid to be part of this exclusive site, I'd get it. But Jayson Home, for example, doesn't make me sign in with another of my trajillion passwords just to access their sale items. It's annoying. My backlog of passwords is absurd and I'm almost one hundred positive at this point that if someone wanted to hack into any one of my accounts they would have open access to any and all of my other accounts. With the exception of my student loan account, which is protected like the Pentagon. Odd because I have dreams based solely around the idea of someone hacking into that account and paying it off. Anyone want that password? I promise when you see the balance you will gasp in pure dee-light. It'll be fun. Hmmm. Ok. Well, lemme know and I'll DM you (DM=direct message incaseyoudidn'tknow. I am getting very up on this social media lingo lately. YOLO=you only live once. Learned that one yesterday. So very hip.). 

The reason this all happened was because I went on the hunt for some new vintage finds this week to share with you lovely people. And I had to log in to almost all of the websites I went to. Bite me. Now, don't go getting all excited about some cheap ass vintage stuff. You will not be able to buy most of these things, trust me, unless you are rich. But some of it you might be able to squeeze in with a little assistance from your savings account. Unless you are me and you went on a slightly massive online shopping spree yesterday because you were overtired and feeling sorry for yourself. Then, you cannot buy any of these things because your bank account is running on zero. That thing they are are always saying about material things not making you happy? So not true.

A steal at 275$ for both. 

Also not a bad price. I kind of want this one.

Feeling these Ming consoles lately. Wouldn't normally be into this but how bout all this:
Are you feeling it now?
Maybe with this:

Yes yes y'all to that color.

Kiddos room cuteness.

The perfect kitchen styling tool!

I would love this for a restaurant waiting area, inside or out. Or an entry in a home.

Just got an antiqued gold floor lamp for my living room and I am in love. Adds tons of depth.

So shockingly into this style right now. 

Hell yes. Sign me up. I will make space. 

And moving right along:
1st Dibs is the place where all of the pretty, super expensive pillows go to die.
Just so you know.
Almost identical to my kitchen table which is one of the very best things I have ever purchased from eBay, and there have been a lot.
OMG please. With the pompoms? Ah.
I am obsessed with these in a more modern home. Downplay the French country, upplay (made that word up I think) the chic modern.
Coziness in front of a fireplace.
Kinda digging this. Think it could really work in the right space. A really big Spanish-style SoCal space.
 Persian Gholtogh Carpet
All because of this:

Have wanted these forever. Just like this:


Possibly my favorite find of the week. It is so ugly pretty it is over the top. I. Love. It.

And from V and M, where I died to went to lamp land:
We should all be able to have one.
Poofy goodness.
Patina and function. Nice little detail with that pull down chain.

And that's all I've got for you today. I totally wish I could spend the rest of this day watching Revenge and eating TimTams. Alas, I am knee deep in laundry, dog washing and sourcing for two clients. Let the good times roll.


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