Saturday Stunner.

No way out
Hit by a train this morning, or last night, whatever. We are tired in this household this Saturday! 
My phone and email have been one steady, constant buzz these past two days which has left me feeling terribly loved and blessed. So thank you all for all of the sweetness. You are the best. 

Rousing myself for one last little smidge of work today and then heading to a very amazing dance show tonight put on by a lady I am so proud to call my dear friend. Tomorrow is all errands and football (and possibly a little baseball if I am forced). I am the very unfortunate new owner of a 9x12 jute rug from West Elm that needs to be returned. I have no idea in all of the world what I was thinking getting a rug that big for this apartment. An experiment no doubt. That failed epically. And I now have a massive heap of natural fiber in the corner of my living room because this thing is too big for me to even lay out to roll back up. I was full on soaked in sweat by the time I finished trying to wrangle it out of my living room. As you can imagine, all my OCD brain can think about is getting it OUT. So there is a small (large) chance that I will make my soon to be hubs wrastle this beast into our car (if it'll even fit) to return in the East Bay (oh gasp, he is so not going to be happy about this) tomorrow. It needs to be gone from my life. 

And that completes this installment of Exciting Things That'll Be Happening Around Here This Weekend. Can you even handle it...
Have a lovely weekend. 
Over and out.


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