Spotlight: Ab Chao.

Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Am I so excited to be doing this spotlight today. I knew after yesterdays post that I wanted to do a spotlight on a stylist, you know, because some of them do pretty awesome bananas stuff and they deserve a shout out. They are the people who are responsible for making all of those spreads in the mags, blogs and online shops look drool worthy. They are also responsible for making me want to pull my hair out in agony but, hey, they can't help it that they are super amazing at creating something that I am not. 

I've always admired this lady's work, this Ab Chao. I've thought about doing her Dewit Design Camp, oh, like one million times. I think it will solve all of my styling problems. Soon. Maybe even in July (although I would so much rather go to the one in New Orleans...). I hadn't ever read her profile until last night. And now? Now, I am obsessed. 

Where do I begin? She lives in Monroe, LA. Louisiana you guys! My heart and soul. Some of her favorite things? Clean countertops, shrimp po-boys, PRESSED LINENS (!), tree-lined neighborhoods, crawfish season, the city of New Orleans and, wait for it, wait for it...Drew Brees and the Saints. This is a lady after my own heart. She also appears to be a big fan of the serial comma (hello? I love commas.) and a not big fan of aioli (one of the grossest things on Earth, mayonnaise dressed up in heels). Is she perfect or what? Great. I am glad you agree. Looking at her website made me want to pack up my bags (and my sofa) and head right back down there, to that hot, sticky, heavenly swamp. *Ugh, San Francisco, I am so so over you.*

Let's have a little peek at her work. Cause it's pretty damn good. 

 Kind of obsessing over that door. 

 So pretty with that wallpaper.


 Love the clapboard indoors. So cabin-y.

 I dunno why but this image feels so New Orleans to me.

 My kind of styling. 

 Again with the clapboard but in a different color. Against that brass? Ah!

 Dope nook.

 "My little queen."

 This is one of my absolute favorites. Of all time. This image totally inspired me to paint my trim dark in my bedroom. And I loved it. 

 Ostrich wallpaper is quirkily right up my alley.

 Mini Pantone. Must have.


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