Spotlight: Kelly Behun

Perhaps because I'm in a bit of a New York state of mind this morning. 

Last night I couldn't get a single thing done because I was absolutely absorbed in the book I'm reading, My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss. She talks so much about NYC and there are so many things she understands, including the difference in the light, which no one else has ever talked about in the way she does. It is the best book I have picked up in a long long time and there will be a post coming up soon, promise. She is such an amazing writer I have to admit I am a bit word shy this morning. I only wish I could be so eloquent and warm. Anyway, it made homesick. So when I was going through my desktop folders this morning these photos struck a chord, for their absolute New York-ness. It's been a few since I've seen such clean design. Been caught up in the world of layers, textures, colors, patterns. It is refreshing today, on a morning where my thoughts are kind of murky and grey. This is the kind of energy I need this week. Calm, clear, serene. Here's to hoping.

Kelly Behun | Studio does very softly modern spaces. It is really fun when you have had an image in your design folder for a decade and then all of a sudden you start investigating and realize that it belongs to the person you are posting about. I particularly enjoy her use of texture, especially in an all white room. I also am quite fond of her mix of mostly modern design with some nice vintage touches. A little eclectic, which is always a good thing. 
I love her design philosophy-

"That which is not slightly distorted lacks sensible appeal; from which it follows that irregularity-that is to say, the unexpected, surprise and astonishment, are an essential part and characteristic of beauty."
Charles Baudelaire

If I'm not mistaken I think Kelly may be a fan of the ugly pretty. And I am big fan of that.

 Holy Christ, this is stunning. It took my breath away. I want that light fixture in my future mod pad. It's magical (almost like Christmas lights). 

 Two amazing lights in one simple space. A little Linds, a little Serge.

 This is Ivank's house. Kind of crushing on that big X with the chain.

 Made me instantly homesick for New York. That soft light. Such a lovely place to wake up every morning. 

 Chair heaven.

 I like that the scale of the pendant is small here. It works.

 Seriously. Please. The wall.

 I am obsessed with that bench and art together. Soft and little hard.

More mid century than her other work. Digging this and wondering if it's a bachelor pad.

 This is the picture I was talking about, that I've had in my design file forever.

 For that blanket at the end of the bed (where is that from?) and the layered side tables. Lucite on top. Gah. In a very good way.

 Cute for an all white nursery. It kind of seems like disaster too. But cute, still cute.

 There is no way in hells bells that I would ever put a white flokati down in my dining room. If you by chance happen to live with men, dogs or children the stress of this situation would be far too great. But the legs on that table paired with the ghost chairs is killing it. 

  A little edgy.

 Again with that blanket. And this palm frond gold sculpture? Yeah, the ugly pretty.

 And the cats just sealed the deal! So weird and I love it.

 Modern and vintage mix.

 I like the grittiness of the graffiti and the worn quality on the architectural details.

 Perfect for a small dining space. The furniture feels light and small while still being interesting.

 I could always go for a Bamileke.


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