Sunday Stunner.

You guys. I missed my Saturday Stunner for the first time in a really long time yesterday. The day just got away from me and before I knew it I was sleeping soundly in my bed (which was much needed, trust me). We are doing some petsitting this weekend, and next week, so the mornings have been filled to the brim with scooping litterboxes, feedings, turning on faucets so kitties can drink from them, dog dates with Ponyboy and his most favorite lady friend, and plenty of driving from house to house to do all of it. It's kind of fun though, and it makes me feel like I have real family here. I've realized over the years of living in a big city, where most people's families are so far, that you have to at least try to take care of each other in a way that only family normally does. 

I'm going to do a Sunday Stunner today instead. Because it is cold and foggy outside my window and I'd like to spend this coziest of mornings snuggled up under the covers with a steaming mug of coffee, my blogs and some football. It is starting to feel like Christmas just a tiny bit (for those of you who hate the Christmas anticipation starting this early in the year, shhhhh! I say to you, it is never too early for Christmas). Have a splendid Sunday y'all. 

Can't you almost feel the pitter patter of these feet as they make their way towards the coffee pot, a crusty loaf of bread and some warm butter? 


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