That's it. I'm moving to Chicago.

I love Chicago. I spent a very fun few days there with some of my most favorite girlfriends in all of the land about three years ago. The city is gorgeous and I fell in deep like rather quickly. But the sole reason I want to pack it all up and head to the windy city is for my one true love, Jayson Home. Their fall flea market must be about the best thing in world. I couldn't imagine a more dreamy Saturday than heading out, grabbing a hot coffee to ward off the chill in the air, and shopping very expensive vintage finds with gobs of other like-minded people. Luckily for all of us, they go live online with the sale a few days later. Which leaves us with one thing to do. Go shopping, duh.

*Now, I was going to make this all pretty and Photoshopped (also commonly referred to as themostdifficultandaggravatingcomputerprogrameverinventedinthewholeentireworld-shop) but I'm feeling exceptionally lazy this morning, and also slightly cranky, so that is most definitely not going to happen.*

I think if you guys knew how I know, in my heart of hearts, that this is the most perfect rug for my bedroom, it was probably loomed solely for me, you would take it upon yourselves to make me the happiest lady on Earth, and you would buy it for me. 

Uh. Yes yes y'all. In a dining room with 18 foot ceilings and magical Parisian windows. Sold.
Yep. You read that right. BEETLE SCONCE. Hells bells. I need one. You need one. Trust me, we. all. need. one.

The color on this babes is stunning. Pair it up with anything wood and you've got yourself a winner here.

This number would kill it on my lucite console. I actually think the price is reasonable here and I am considering making it mine. 

Brass and marble. Done and done.

Holy smokes. Swoon. Love the color, love the gloss, love the shape. 

sidenote: dear jayson home-why do you label everything "vintage" in your flea sale? it's a flea sale, we know it's vintage. it's annoying, and now the buck is officially stopping here.
Anyway, I definitely want tassel pulls on my lamps.

I would leave the back as is, all open and exposed and just perfect.

just kidding
Parsons Dining Chair
I would rip that fabric off and upholster it in something entirely different. But the shape of those legs has me rather smitten.

Speaking of the shapes of legs...I am having a major barley twist moment. We will discuss this in much greater depth later this week. Just picture this beaut on top of that rug (my bedroom rug) with that exposed barrel chair. Oh my. Pitter patter. 

This is definitely coming home to mama. I have been doing some heavy shopping, you know, to make up for various other empty spots in my life, and I will confirm with you again and again that retail therapy does actually work. It may not last forever but those first few days of holding something shiny and new? Yeah, they sure do make you feel better. 


If you don't have a painting of someone you do not know in your house, you are really very very late getting on this bandwagon. Like, you might be too late. Now is the time. Don't delay another minute.

This seriously makes me want to open a store right.now. I mean, I want to anyway. Can you imagine placing your carefully chosen homegoods on this puppy to purchase? We are a match made in heaven, me and this shop counter. It would be like old times. I would just leave the cash in one of those lovely drawers and lock up shop at the end of the day. Ooh, I can almost taste it. 

Um. Fuck yeah. 

I love the frame and I love the colors. Very pretty. A fantastic gift I think.

I need you in my life. That's all.

And that concludes today's edition of "Stuff I Want Desperately But Can Never Have (this seems to be a recurring theme in my life. the more i want it, the less chance i have of getting it. do you guys have any experience with this? i could use some motherly advice.)." 

.)."   Yep, I just put those all together like that. Is anyone else confused?

Bye lovers. I'm going to make some peanut butter pickle toast, throw on some jeans and go see Argo. Over and out. 


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