Tufts, tufts erywhere.

Dang you guys. I am really loving a tuft here and there lately. I constantly bemoan the fact that I didn't wait about two years longer to invest in our bed. I would totally go tufted if I were to buy today. They create a sort of buttoned-up, masculine, well, adultness that can be dressed up or down depending on the mood you want to achieve. I'm secretly hoping that when we eventually upgrade to a house we will somehow have a guest bedroom that requires a king size bed so I can put our current wall-mounted MASH Studio headboard in there...and go for some master bedroom tufts. 





This was supposed to be an accessories blog. But it'll be a Ponyboy blog instead.

Swamped today with work and a to-do list as long as my arm. Wedding thank you's, hotel sourcing, sourcing for another client, work, business plan writing, research and a big old birthday party tonight for one of my ladies. More than a little jealous of Ponyboy, the constant snoozer. 


Spotlight: Nathan Turner.

We've got a huge storm landing right now in the city and it is going to be raining for the next few days. Good for reading the ever growing stack of design mags. Not good for hitting the gym to whittle off massive apple pie consumption. Design mags in front of the lit up tree? 

I might take a few moments to catch up on Million Dollar Decorators too. I've heard there are some serious "ohnoyoudidn't" design moments and I can't wait to watch. In honor of the new season let's talk dish about my favorite guy on the show, Nathan Turner. Love him. I, in fact, spotted him perusing the Ferry Building last week after T-give. I wanted to go chat him up because I am almost one hundred percent positive he is just as awesome in real life but I, instead, went to Acme and bought a(nother) baguette for dinner. The guy is into food, design and travel. A man after my own heart. After all, there are possibly no better three things in life. His work is stunning and I covet everything in his online shop. He seems to be living my dream-traveling the world and bringing back amazing things to sell. I am inspired by him, quite literally, to get out there and do it. In fact, this post has my mind a-whirling. I discovered in my research that he *gasp* is the God who did Amanda Peet's house. So, yes, you are going to have to look at pics of that house again. Deal. It's my all-time favorite. 

The mishmash on the wall is lovely.

Oh. That headboard and that suzani are killing me. Absolute perfection. Completely smitten.


Currently Coveting.

First, thank you for all of the lovely emails about my post yesterday. It gives me hope that there are still some of you out there who like to read a blog that's real. And it helps me not feel like a complete failure. So, thanks. It's Tuesday after Thanksgiving. And, really what I mean is, it's Tuesday after our wedding. Can you say depressing? That means it's back to work, back to routine, and (bleh) back to the gym. I knew this day would be glum and I prepped myself mentally for it all weekend. I was telling J how happy I am that we decided to honeymoon in the spring instead of right now. I cannot even imagine the shock to your system upon returning home following a wedding and a two-week pause in the sun with your hubs. It's good though, this open time. It is forcing me to think and make decisions about what comes next on my path. I have a much needed meeting with my business partner this afternoon and I'm looking forward to getting some plans on the books. 


Monday Monday.

It's Cyber Monday and, although I would absolutely neverinamillionyears go shopping on Black Friday, the idea of clicking and buying from the vast wide interwebs doesn't sound half bad to me. I'm all about the holidays being anti-consumer. We don't buy a ton of gifts, or expect any in return. It's nice to just have Christmas be about spending time with people you really like around a twinkling tree, and making a lot of food, and drinking quite a bit of wine. But I will never deny that I am a shopper most other times of the year.  So if there are massive sales happening on great products that I've already been coveting? Well, yeah, I might take this day to hit that purchase now tab on my virtual shopping carts. Do y'all want to see some real nice stuff I would buy? Oh good. I thought you might.

Oh wait. You know what? I had this whole little post written out about Cyber Monday. It started with that paragraph right up top there. And it was just filled to the brim with things you should buy. Linked through my affiliate programs and sponsors, of course. What you people may not realize is that all of those "gift guides" that bloggers do? And the things they mostly "covet"? Yeah, they get PAID for that. Imagine getting paid for that? For just posting about a cute sheet set on your blog. Not so difficult, huh? And it's kind of tempting to try and do that. Get paid 10 cents for every time you, my reader, click through to a shop I've posted about. And even more if you actually buy something.

I mean, sometimes it's nice to see new product and I am all about promoting stuff I love. But all of the bloggers, the big ones, the 'blog snobs' I like to call them? They all do this shit all the time now. Round ups of skinny jeans paired with plaid button downs, Photoshops of sweaters they want, the best places to buy art for an art wall, and they are ALL linked to their affiliate programs. They get paid for all of it. It is so disingenuine I could puke. And I, well I have been getting irate about this for MONTHS.

I don't have a problem with you monetizing your blog. But when 90% of your content becomes sponsored? Fuck that. I stop reading. The problem with this is, is that then all blogs just become the same old boring bullshit. And it's actually starting to piss me off. I don't feel like posting about Cyber Monday. I actually cannot think of anything more fucking boring than posting about Cyber Monday. Hey, here yah go, my affiliate plug: if you want to shop today, at some stores that I often shop at, that are having really great sales today? Click on some of my ads on the left sidebar.  Especially that Thomas Paul one. Because they are awesome people. And they actually sponsor me. I love them (and, yes, they are having a huge sale today). Anyway. End of story. But that whole round up I did of J. Crew shoes, Shopbop dresses and West Elm sheets? The one that just went into my garbage can? Yeah, I think it's not worth the 10 cents.

If you want to see some of those gift guides, please take yourself somewhere else, like to any of the other million design/lifestyle blogs that all look exactly the same. I am over it. This blog is probably {definitely} never going to make me enough money to quit my day job. And I am becoming more and more okay with that. Because it's lead me to a lot of other things that are just great. And as far as making a few cents from posting about some shower curtains (that I may, in fact, actually want but don't really care to post about), pfft. I don't want this thing that I have put so much love into to become something that doesn't feel like me.

Phew. Glad that's out of the way. Now we can talk about something that's really been on my mind. Christmas. I just got back from a little jaunt out for coffee (my in-laws drink a shocking amount of coffee...they drank us out of house and home) and, boy, it feels festive out there. It's fogged in today and it's actually mildly chilly, which it hasn't in so long I can't even remember the last time I was cold. I got my coffee in my red cup and came home and curled up under a blanket next to our tree and, let me tell you something, I am in the spirit. So now I get to post about something I really do want to post about today, no revenue included. Some of my very favorite holiday inspired homes. So much better than sweater shopping.


Saturday Stunner.

Loving this dreamy shot of our day. Happy, tipsy, tired. Totally reflects us. That's the last of the wedding talk, my friends. Next week life returns to normal and we'll be discussing design again. Oh, and Christmas. Our tree is officially up and trimmed. She's a beaut this year. Have happy weekends, eating leftovers, watching football and hanging out with your families and friends. 



Want to know what goes by really fast? Your wedding day. Wow. It flew by. And it was every bit as amazing as we had hoped for. Details to follow, after all of the festivities wrap up Sunday night. But for today, we are going out to nab a Christmas tree, trim it and then have a lovely dinner at Delfina. Hope all of your Thanksgivings were as perfect as ours. I am so blessed and thankful this year, I cannot possibly begin to express my gratitude. You guys? Well, you're pretty great. And I am terribly lucky that you stop by to hang out with me so often. 

Isn't this home tour stunning? Yep yep. Frank Muytjens. Killing it.

I'd love to rest my head here every night. 


Wedding Day.

I haven't the faintest idea what good I must have done in a previous life to be marrying this man. But here we are, waking up on the morning of our wedding. And I want to remember this feeling of pure happiness that I feel right now forever.

Because today, me and him:

We become Caillier's. And we are so excited!


The House Edition.

We are going to break things up a little bit this week. I can't just not blog because, well, honestly, I love it. But I don't have the time to do intensive posts in the midst of the wedding and hosting Thanksgiving THE NEXT DAY (we might be crazy. might.). People, I have cleaning to do, shaving to do, and mounds of cooking to do, which makes me just about the happiest person in the world. But also busy. Very busy. 

So this week we are just going to showcase some houses I really love and would really love to spend an afternoon or two in. It's Thanksgiving. We should most definitely be thankful for good and proper design. 

The holidays always inevitably make me feel like I want to gather all of our belongings and vacate to our cozy winter cabin where we would cook, play board games with family, drink wine, take afternoon naps and be very good at generally doing nothing. This home of Kathleen Holland's, featured on Remodelista a few weeks back, seems like just that kind of place. 


Inside :: Outside

It feels like the most impossibly cozy weekend on earth. We lounged, did laundry, cooked and prepped for Thanksgiving. Oh, and got ready for our wedding. Which, btdubs, is this Wednesday. No biggie. Getting married in two days. Neither of us wanted a 'wedding' per say. Just something small, and reflective of us, with some people we really love. This is my absolute favorite time of the year and this year it feels extra special. A month that includes Thanksgiving, our wedding and Christmas? Yes, sign me up please. 

I'm trying to get my blog posts all wrangled in for the week because I can't imagine I'll have even a spare second for posting. I can't imagine I'll even think about posting. I think I'll be spending every spare second reveling in the happiness of marrying my best friend. 

But today we are still all wrapped up in big blankets on the couch, watching the Saints and snoozing. And if there was any place I'd like to be doing this...this would be it. 


Saturday Stunner.


Very much looking forward to a quiet night at home tonight. J's got big bachelor plans so I'm going to make a bright little brussels sprouts salad with lemon and walnuts that I've been craving and follow it up with a big bowl of pasta with olive oil, salt, tons of black pepper and chili flakes, one of my absolute favorite meals. I've got my DVR loaded up (but who are we kidding here, we all know that I'll be watching the fourth Twilight movie...#icantstop) and I'm going to kick back, drink wine and iron my table linens for the holiday next week. Oh, and all in heels. Trying to break in the wedding shoes. Big night. And I actually can't wait. 


I just want to...

be doing more designing. The projects I'm working on are greatness, don't get me wrong. I would just like more of them. I'm definitely up against a wall in terms of deciding if I want to go full steam ahead with design. And most of the signs are pointing to yes, do it, it's the right decision. I stepped away from the idea of making it a full-time career for a bit because we've been talking about family starting and all that that entails. I'm discovering that I can't make that a priority until it actually happens, which it, frustratingly enough, hasn't yet. But that is a matter for another day. Today, today I just don't want to deal with it. Let's just say that I've been doing some heavy investigating into UC Berkeley's spring course offerings. A light sprinkling of CAD and Revit. Which, I have to admit, makes me cringe a little bit {a lot}. I have been through so much schooling in my life I have notta much desire to get back in the classroom. The possibilities excite me but the journey does not. So I'm not going to think about it today. It's raining and I just want to see some pretty pictures. Don't you? 

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