A Tale of Two Lake Houses.

In the midst of getting soaked with the first downpour of the season (after I just had the most perfect blowout of my hair career) I couldn't help but wish upon a little star that I was secluded somewhere on a lake, curled up on a big sofa under a pile of blankets, a fire roaring in the hearth, hot toddies steaming on the stovetop. Lake houses are just the best thing in the world, aren't they? I remember growing up going to friends lake houses on Lake George. It really doesn't matter all that much if it's rainy or sunny or cold or sticky. There's always board games lying in wait and beds with well-worn linens, just begging for someone to come read a book on them. The perfect mix of whimsy and tchotchke. 

Thom Ficilia has really done a doozy on these two lake homes. The spirit of camp mixed with the sensibility of high design. They are both places where you get the feeling that every single corner has been considered. 
Which one is your favorite?
 Rustic and lodgy:

That bedroom with the twin lime green beds is calling my name.

Fresh and chic?

 I am personally slightly more smitten with numero uno but I'd take numero dos anyday of the week and be totally gleeful. That outdoor/indoor shed space? Um. Yeah. That's heaven for a cold beer at the end of a day on the boat. 


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