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It is the best Friday so far and it's only 7:17 AM. Not bad. I'm treating myself and taking a four-day weekend and, lemmetellyou, this was a very stellar idea. I do need to get some work done but otherwise I'm going to spend the next few days baking at the house, which is finally bathed in chilly, fall light (perfect red-velvet-cake-baking weather) and reading. Before that begins there's a big ladies night to be had tonight which I am very much looking forward to. I cannot remember the last time the four of us were able to book a night off together and I am so looking forward to drinks and a long, gossip-filled dinner at AQ, which I am very excited to finally try (the decor of the dining room there changes with the seasons-fun). What are y'alls plans for this weekend? Anything terribly exciting? 

Psst. I'll also be spending some time working on our Thanksgiving menu because, whatthefuck, it's less than two weeks away. It's my hands down favorite meal of the entire year and I am absolutely one hundred fifty million percent tempted to make every Thanksgiving side dish known to man. I need to whittle it down a little or we will be drowning in leftovers. Which is actually dreamy but for the fact that our refrigerator is the size of my pinky finger (literally). We are having six for dinner this year, oh wait, seven counting the best baby on earth and I have been thinking about a tablescape for a few weeks now. Until I realized that the probability of all of us actually fitting around our tiny farmhouse table is, well, tiny. We'll come up with a creative solution for sure (we hosted 16 a few years back and made it work) but this dilemmas got me dreaming about a dining room. 

What's one to do when dreaming about a dining room? Why, put things in online shopping bags, duh. I headed over to Layla Grace, one of my go to online home stores, to find some inspiration for a dining room (and also to torture myself with all of the things that are out of my price range, and out of my space range). Not only did I find plenty of things to toss in my bag, I discovered that they'd revamped their website and it's pretty amazing. They've got design boards y'all! So you can put all of your choices together online and see if it looks good! They've also added customer reviews, which I personally think is super important when shopping online. It helps you to know, sight unseen, whether the quality of a product is bad or good, or if the color is way different than what you see online. Plus, their revamped blog is great for inspiration.

I put together a few of my must haves for a dream dining room. 

1 | Aiden Grey Decor Iron Laurel Wreath
2 | Oly Studio Edith Candlestick
3 | Jonathan Adler Mirror Queen Anne Black
4 | Gabby Furniture Nichols Table
5 | Vera Curtain Panel Set
6 | Arteriors Jada Chandelier
7 | Worlds Away Randolph Sconce
8 | Noir Carved Chair
9 | Noir Abacus Chair
10 | Zentique Cabries Table
11 | Dash and Albert Circle Fret Tufted Wool Rug

This is a sponsored post. But don't worry, I would never tell you to buy anything I wouldn't buy fer myself. I mean, if you're not obsessed with those Noir Carved Chairs? Well, this friendship is over anyway. Now, go buy yourself something pretty!


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