Currently Coveting.

A little under the weather this morning. My head is clogged and it feels like I'm swimming underwater. So, I'm going to share possibly one of my very favorite finds of the decade with you today then go get myself a pumpkin spice latte in a red holiday cup and hope that that little magical gem puts a pep back in my step. 

Have at it. Lee Broom's Crystal Bulb.

These bulbs make me crazy in the best way possible. I have become rather obsessed with trying to find a way to justify spending 189 LBS on a lightbulb. I am utterly positive it would change my life in dramatic and meaningful ways. 

 My God. Seriously. She is a stunner, that bulb. Can you even begin to imagine the light she twinkles at night? 
Must. Own. One. 
*at least*

I cannot handle it. Little balls of perfection. 

And btdubs. 
He also made this:
I may have just fallen in love.
That is all.


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