Currently Coveting.

First, thank you for all of the lovely emails about my post yesterday. It gives me hope that there are still some of you out there who like to read a blog that's real. And it helps me not feel like a complete failure. So, thanks. It's Tuesday after Thanksgiving. And, really what I mean is, it's Tuesday after our wedding. Can you say depressing? That means it's back to work, back to routine, and (bleh) back to the gym. I knew this day would be glum and I prepped myself mentally for it all weekend. I was telling J how happy I am that we decided to honeymoon in the spring instead of right now. I cannot even imagine the shock to your system upon returning home following a wedding and a two-week pause in the sun with your hubs. It's good though, this open time. It is forcing me to think and make decisions about what comes next on my path. I have a much needed meeting with my business partner this afternoon and I'm looking forward to getting some plans on the books. 

Ginger jars. Craving, coveting, whatevers. I have absolutely not one spot in my entire house that these would fit in. I actually have not one spot in my entire house that anything would fit in anymore, as was confirmed this past week when we had the in-laws staying. Can barely fit dinner for four in our tiny refrigerator. And don't even get me started on the dishes. But someday. Someday I will.  Hey, I'm a married woman. It seems like married women should have some ginger jars. Right?

I prefer it used as an antique in a more eclectic or rustic setting. And don't prefer it used as a prop for a whole room done in blue and white. I am also fond of other colors. But particularly fond of the classic blue and white pattern. They would be really great in a white and wood rustic kitchen.

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