Findings: One Kings Lane.

It's that time again. Inspiring the wee treasure finder in me to get ready for the Alameda Flea Market this Sunday. I hate to say it y'all but I am not a very good flea marketer-er-er-er. Well, wait, I take that back. I have found some seriously good things via eBay, Craigslist and, erm, the flea market. But I am a much much better online shopper and, for some reason, I have much much better success finding cool stuff online. Maybe it's the throngs of people, all oohing and aahing over piles of DIY junk, that kills it for me. Maybe it's the hoarding of unnecessary crap. I happen to be the complete opposite of a hoarder. Ask anyone I have ever lived with and they will tell you of their travails in trying to relocate things I threw away that they actually ended up needing. So I'm hard pressed to buy things I don't actually have a purpose for in that moment. And, with the availability of vintage items online, I have much better luck when I can use a search engine (how in the world did I source before Google?). One Kings Lane has fast become one of my very favorite destinations for findings for the home. They have an amazing selection of vintage and new. Some of my finds this week. Here's to hoping the flea market's as good as this.

C. Jere Ship Model
Would be very very nice in a gentleman's office or a kids room. Cute and understated.

Danish Lounge Chairs
Kofod Larsen, ohmy. I have coveted one of these for so long my heart hurts thinking about it. It would be just perfect in my house, and yours too.

Sussex Side Table
Sweet in an Americana kind of way.

Vintage Mummy Chairs
These are dope. I love that there's just one black ghost chair.

Vintage Parisian Textile
Duh. And also here we go again with the double negatives: Folks, you don't need to label everything in your vintage sale "vintage!" We get it! 

Classic Novels
So romantic. And very pretty for your bookshelf.

Large Antique Birdcage
Whimsical and sweet in a little girls room or a playroom

Double Cane Chairs
L O V E.

Purple Toile Pillows
Eek. Toile! Fun!

They are also running an art sale right now that has very interesting and affordable pieces. I'm loving these:
 by Kevin Russ


by Luli Sanchez

And this:
by Leigh Viner

K? They've also gots loads of other great home finds that are not vintage and not art and are the steals of the century. If you don't belong you should. All the cool kids are doing it. 

You can join (and shop) by pressing this button right here.

PS. This is a post that is sponsored by an affiliate. All opinions are, of course, my own. I would never tell you to buy ugly stuff just to get paid. But a lot of people would, so be careful out there in the big, scary blog world. Those bitches can be deceptive.


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