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It feels like the most impossibly cozy weekend on earth. We lounged, did laundry, cooked and prepped for Thanksgiving. Oh, and got ready for our wedding. Which, btdubs, is this Wednesday. No biggie. Getting married in two days. Neither of us wanted a 'wedding' per say. Just something small, and reflective of us, with some people we really love. This is my absolute favorite time of the year and this year it feels extra special. A month that includes Thanksgiving, our wedding and Christmas? Yes, sign me up please. 

I'm trying to get my blog posts all wrangled in for the week because I can't imagine I'll have even a spare second for posting. I can't imagine I'll even think about posting. I think I'll be spending every spare second reveling in the happiness of marrying my best friend. 

But today we are still all wrapped up in big blankets on the couch, watching the Saints and snoozing. And if there was any place I'd like to be doing this...this would be it. 


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