Monday Monday.

It's Cyber Monday and, although I would absolutely neverinamillionyears go shopping on Black Friday, the idea of clicking and buying from the vast wide interwebs doesn't sound half bad to me. I'm all about the holidays being anti-consumer. We don't buy a ton of gifts, or expect any in return. It's nice to just have Christmas be about spending time with people you really like around a twinkling tree, and making a lot of food, and drinking quite a bit of wine. But I will never deny that I am a shopper most other times of the year.  So if there are massive sales happening on great products that I've already been coveting? Well, yeah, I might take this day to hit that purchase now tab on my virtual shopping carts. Do y'all want to see some real nice stuff I would buy? Oh good. I thought you might.

Oh wait. You know what? I had this whole little post written out about Cyber Monday. It started with that paragraph right up top there. And it was just filled to the brim with things you should buy. Linked through my affiliate programs and sponsors, of course. What you people may not realize is that all of those "gift guides" that bloggers do? And the things they mostly "covet"? Yeah, they get PAID for that. Imagine getting paid for that? For just posting about a cute sheet set on your blog. Not so difficult, huh? And it's kind of tempting to try and do that. Get paid 10 cents for every time you, my reader, click through to a shop I've posted about. And even more if you actually buy something.

I mean, sometimes it's nice to see new product and I am all about promoting stuff I love. But all of the bloggers, the big ones, the 'blog snobs' I like to call them? They all do this shit all the time now. Round ups of skinny jeans paired with plaid button downs, Photoshops of sweaters they want, the best places to buy art for an art wall, and they are ALL linked to their affiliate programs. They get paid for all of it. It is so disingenuine I could puke. And I, well I have been getting irate about this for MONTHS.

I don't have a problem with you monetizing your blog. But when 90% of your content becomes sponsored? Fuck that. I stop reading. The problem with this is, is that then all blogs just become the same old boring bullshit. And it's actually starting to piss me off. I don't feel like posting about Cyber Monday. I actually cannot think of anything more fucking boring than posting about Cyber Monday. Hey, here yah go, my affiliate plug: if you want to shop today, at some stores that I often shop at, that are having really great sales today? Click on some of my ads on the left sidebar.  Especially that Thomas Paul one. Because they are awesome people. And they actually sponsor me. I love them (and, yes, they are having a huge sale today). Anyway. End of story. But that whole round up I did of J. Crew shoes, Shopbop dresses and West Elm sheets? The one that just went into my garbage can? Yeah, I think it's not worth the 10 cents.

If you want to see some of those gift guides, please take yourself somewhere else, like to any of the other million design/lifestyle blogs that all look exactly the same. I am over it. This blog is probably {definitely} never going to make me enough money to quit my day job. And I am becoming more and more okay with that. Because it's lead me to a lot of other things that are just great. And as far as making a few cents from posting about some shower curtains (that I may, in fact, actually want but don't really care to post about), pfft. I don't want this thing that I have put so much love into to become something that doesn't feel like me.

Phew. Glad that's out of the way. Now we can talk about something that's really been on my mind. Christmas. I just got back from a little jaunt out for coffee (my in-laws drink a shocking amount of coffee...they drank us out of house and home) and, boy, it feels festive out there. It's fogged in today and it's actually mildly chilly, which it hasn't in so long I can't even remember the last time I was cold. I got my coffee in my red cup and came home and curled up under a blanket next to our tree and, let me tell you something, I am in the spirit. So now I get to post about something I really do want to post about today, no revenue included. Some of my very favorite holiday inspired homes. So much better than sweater shopping.


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