Saturday Stunner.


Very much looking forward to a quiet night at home tonight. J's got big bachelor plans so I'm going to make a bright little brussels sprouts salad with lemon and walnuts that I've been craving and follow it up with a big bowl of pasta with olive oil, salt, tons of black pepper and chili flakes, one of my absolute favorite meals. I've got my DVR loaded up (but who are we kidding here, we all know that I'll be watching the fourth Twilight movie...#icantstop) and I'm going to kick back, drink wine and iron my table linens for the holiday next week. Oh, and all in heels. Trying to break in the wedding shoes. Big night. And I actually can't wait. 



  1. Sounds like a perfect night! Hope it went exactly as planned :)

  2. Still haven't seen the fourth Twilight movie. Hope the evening was all you wanted it to be! :)


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