Scenes from the weekend.

Resurfacing after a relaxing (somewhat) weekend. I almost had a nervous breakdown Saturday at work while contemplating my overflowing plate for the month of November. So many possibilities for failure and enormous chances for success. The pressure feels intense. I spent the better part of my morning trying not to burst into tears at every turn and knew that I needed to head to the gym to work it out of me that afternoon. Which I did and which worked like a charm. I was able to shelve all of my anxieties and enjoy a few days off. 

*This morning is another story entirely.*

 I am here to assure you all though, that partaking in back to back episodes of new seasons of Beverly Hills and Atlanta housewives, will set you right back on track in life. As will massive wine consumption. Right back on track.

I have so many amazing interiors to share this week. Things that are really inspiring me. But first, some scenes from life as it is around here lately, and some things that are helping me smile.

 A little *big* shipment from Madewell. 

 Mezcal sidecars and Mexican wedding cookies from Nopalito. This really is a rather excellent thing to do before you pop over to Falletti's to do your grocery shopping. That tiny 12$ wedge of cheese that is eyeing you up for a snack before dinner? Yes, you will definitely purchase it then. 

 The scene that greeted me Sunday morning as I padded back into the bedroom with my coffee. Pretty sure he's got the best life of anyone I know. Hands down.

 My bedside table with fresh flowers that have been bought for me every week since we got engaged. I am a lucky lady.

 A corner of my closet where the par-tay rages all night. JK. Those are some new curtains for the living room hanging up right there, all freshly ironed and ready to go. And the sweetest ring holder gifted by my oldest and dearest friend from New York. 

 Little projects to complete before Thanksgiving. Death and rebirth. 

 The pillow scheme on my sofa that makes me smile whenever I walk into the room.
Oh, and remember that Restoration Hardware console I was talking about last week? The one that would complete my living room? Goes on sale this Thursday. Eeeps. I am so tempted.

 His and hers Raybans. It has been over 80 degrees here for days. Sunnies and sandals all the way. I'm very much looking forward to cooler days and some rain to at least make it feel a wee bit like the holidays are approaching.

 A very special package waiting to be opened. Fingers crossed what's in there is fabulous. 

And a little sneak at the bathrooms we are doing for the hotel job. So long, apples in the restroom. This week is crunch time for this project. 

Which is why I'm up at 6, blogging and heading to the gym. 

PS: Has everyone else out there been awake at the crack of dawn everyday? Daylight Savings is messing with me this time around. 


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