Seafoam! Holla!

I seriously did one of those design double takes when I turned the page of House Beautiful this month to see this kitchen. I am gaga. Gaaagaaa. 

 It was designed by Young Huh, who we will discuss further very soon. It is a stunning new kitchen that remains in line with the history of the house. To me, there is nothing more disconcerting than when you walk into a room in a home that has been renovated and it feels so disconnected from everything else around it. Brand new contemporary kitchen, shag carpeting and gold wallpaper in the living room. Leaves me very confused.
This kitchen feels old, but modern, and very fresh.

 The patina on the farmhouse table is perfect against the sea foam of the cabinets. Can't you just imagine the most wonderful pies and breads being baked here? 

 The space is not huge by any means but feels open and airy. They started with unfinished cabinets and painted over them because the owner wanted them to age naturally, and to not have that weird baked-on color look. I love that. You can literally feel the generations of family, children, dogs (oh hey there you at the screened-in back door!), holidays, summer days, winter days, soups, turkeys, cookies, breakfasts, all of it. It's like by looking at this kitchen you can tell that the owner has a depth and richness to her life. She gets it. 

The countertop is soapstone and I have to admit, when I first saw it, I kind of questioned it. Like, maybe I would prefer something just a tad lighter in color. But it has grown on me. It is in keeping with the design. It helps the whole thing from falling off the rustic overkill cliff and teetering just so on that line of modern rustic. PS: The hardware is amazing and looks gorgeous against that blue green color. 

This kitchen was designed to look a little worn. I, for one, cannot stand when everything looks brand new. This is the kind of kitchen I want someday *someday*. The kind of place your grandkids will walk into and want to keep in its original condition. The kind of place you grow old in. 


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