Spotlight: Nathan Turner.

We've got a huge storm landing right now in the city and it is going to be raining for the next few days. Good for reading the ever growing stack of design mags. Not good for hitting the gym to whittle off massive apple pie consumption. Design mags in front of the lit up tree? 

I might take a few moments to catch up on Million Dollar Decorators too. I've heard there are some serious "ohnoyoudidn't" design moments and I can't wait to watch. In honor of the new season let's talk dish about my favorite guy on the show, Nathan Turner. Love him. I, in fact, spotted him perusing the Ferry Building last week after T-give. I wanted to go chat him up because I am almost one hundred percent positive he is just as awesome in real life but I, instead, went to Acme and bought a(nother) baguette for dinner. The guy is into food, design and travel. A man after my own heart. After all, there are possibly no better three things in life. His work is stunning and I covet everything in his online shop. He seems to be living my dream-traveling the world and bringing back amazing things to sell. I am inspired by him, quite literally, to get out there and do it. In fact, this post has my mind a-whirling. I discovered in my research that he *gasp* is the God who did Amanda Peet's house. So, yes, you are going to have to look at pics of that house again. Deal. It's my all-time favorite. 

The mishmash on the wall is lovely.

Oh. That headboard and that suzani are killing me. Absolute perfection. Completely smitten.

 You too can be the proud owner of this Louis XIII chair. Right here.

 Art on a bookcase. Nice.

 Never gets old. This house is my soulmate.

 There is a nice hint of masculinity here. But very subtle.

 And then lots of pink. I die.

 Leaves me speechless every time.
Buy all of these things for me HERE.


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  1. You should have said hi! But I do understand going to Acme instead! Thank you for such a flattering post! Xo Nathan


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