Spotlight: Retrouvius

One of my all time favorites today. Just a little warning about the amount of images about to be tossed in your direction. Lots. 
Retrouvius is an architectural salvage and interior design company based in London. If you have any appreciation AT ALL for the well-worn, lived-with object, you will love this company. Their work is unlike anything anyone else is doing right now. It is not only stunning but relevant in today's disposable society. Makes me want to chuck out all of my new stuff and go buy old. 

"At the heart of Retrouvius is the belief that good materials and well-made things are precious; whether quarried stone or a piece of expert joinery, these objects were hard won and have an intrinsic value that argues for them to be re-conditioned and intelligently re-used."

Y'all don't even want to know how long it just took me to put together this post. Photoshop: you are the bain of my existence today. Over and out.


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