Tables and chairs and runners, oh my.

I don't know what's wrong with me this week. Funk funk funk. Like, for example, today. I am sitting in bed with my coffee and plotting whatever else I need to get done today and all I can think is that I'd like to do nothing but hang my new curtains and online shop. I have been feeling a little down on myself lately. Mainly because I don't want to be doing what I'm doing for a job anymore and it is so slow getting onto the next thing. All of those quotes and phrases about doing what you love and not wasting another minute can really start getting in your head, and they have gotten in mine. I've been struggling with whether I should look for another career that is unexciting and that bores the cats out of me just to stop doing what I'm doing right now or if I should stay on this trajectory and bear it out and stick with it even though it feels like the impossible mission sometimes. It is extremely challenging to pour so much of yourself into something that you don't even know will pan out. My business partner and I are at the point where we are starting one project and finishing up two more. We've been trying to focus more effort on building our website and our portfolio so that will lead to the next step...more clients. But there's always that small *large* possibility that there will never be more clients, will never be another design job. And that sends my heart into palpitations like you cannot imagine. thumpthumpthump. It does seem too late to turn back and I guess that is a good thing. Cross your mother f-ing fingers. I said that 34 was going to be my year. So far I have not been off one bit. 

+Wow. That pep talk totally worked for me. Ha. Amazing.+

We are having my future in-laws for Thanksgiving this year. I'll take this moment to say that T-gives is less than a month away! Whoa. In fact, it's only three weeks away. Hells bells. How did that happen? Lemme take this next moment to say that means that Christmas is only eight weeks away. Eight weeks! I really need to get my Christmas decorating scheme under control. There is nothing more certain to cheer me than Christmas. And remembering I'm engaged. That cheers me too. Aaannyywaay. I've been sprucing up the house a bit for the holidays and I've got my eye on some more sprucing in the coming weeks. Some things I'd like to add to the mix. 

Canvas Home Store
I adore the color on this. It is so festive.


With or without the lace detail? Thoughts? I have never ever in all my life bought a table runner. But I'm wanting to have an actual REAL Thanksgiving table this year and I think this might dress it up in just the right way. 

Restoration Hardware
This is the final piece I need for my living room to be complete. Well, who's kidding, it will never be complete. Hmmm. But after J read the post where I fessed up how much I shelled out for that Sheesha pillow? Yeah. He pretty much banned any more purchases. And I, unfortunately, don't think I can sneak this one past him. I actually think it is completely reasonably priced. The small version, that I want, is a grand. Es not so bad, eh? I'm working on him. 

Canvas Home Store
Need these. They will look so lovely with my stone colored Heath plates.

West Elm
Bought this one in that 9x12 monster and returned it but haven't replaced it yet. I've been buying wedding accessories instead.

Room and Board
Want these so bad for over my bed.
All of these other thing might actually happen. These will not. Not this year anyway.

Canvas Home Store
I actually want these for two reasons. First, as a vase for my kitchen table. And second, to use as hurricanes on the floor in my living room, right in the corner where the curtains are going. I was inspired by this:
Joslyn Taylor's living room. That corner of my house is BEGGING for something and I love candlelight so why not. I'm waiting on the console first though. They must come as one, this package. They won't work otherwise. 

Jayson Home
I really want these for the kitchen. We go through those red and white Ikea ones like it is nobody's business. Which makes me hesitate to buy these for fear that they will be ruined in one night of heavy cooking, which we do frequently. 

Just bought these for a client. They are the perfect low budget small space option and now I want them for myself.

Canvas Home Store
We desperately need some new glassware for the house. In fact, I'm not sure that we have more than four of anything matching right now. Eek. I better buy these beauts. 

And keeping with the Canvas Home theme happening in this post...what the hell happened to this green pitcher that I had planned on purchasing but is now gone? 

Yep, that one. I wanted it for my T-giving table. Anyone know where I can find something similar?


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