The House Edition.

We are going to break things up a little bit this week. I can't just not blog because, well, honestly, I love it. But I don't have the time to do intensive posts in the midst of the wedding and hosting Thanksgiving THE NEXT DAY (we might be crazy. might.). People, I have cleaning to do, shaving to do, and mounds of cooking to do, which makes me just about the happiest person in the world. But also busy. Very busy. 

So this week we are just going to showcase some houses I really love and would really love to spend an afternoon or two in. It's Thanksgiving. We should most definitely be thankful for good and proper design. 

The holidays always inevitably make me feel like I want to gather all of our belongings and vacate to our cozy winter cabin where we would cook, play board games with family, drink wine, take afternoon naps and be very good at generally doing nothing. This home of Kathleen Holland's, featured on Remodelista a few weeks back, seems like just that kind of place. 

 Can you imagine coming around the bend to see this spectacle? Pastoral bliss.

 I'm not so sure about the size of that sink for washing dishes but I'm positive there is a dishwasher somewhere in this place.

 For kicking off your wellies after a long walk.

 I am rather obsessed with this shot.

 Prints and an old bed make for a rather lovely room to rest your head.

 The perfect table for gathering in the mornings to drink coffee and eat warm bread and butter.

 A dream, this bedroom. An absolute dream.

 The perfect amount of casual thrown together odds and ends.

Nothing says country house more than a skirted sink.


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