What my brain is looking like these days.

Well, just this week I guess. I am all over the board here people. I've got a list about 15 miles long of things I need to get done before next Wednesday and I just can't seem to focus on one thing at a time. I have been sitting here for the last 45 minutes trying to get my shit together but it is just not happening this morning. 

My brain: Another cup of coffee. Even though it seems like a morning where the second cup might make me sick. How much cardio should I aim for today? Hanging curtains. Makeup shopping with a friend. I hate makeup shopping. Oh shoot, and I still need a bra to wear under that dress. Gap Body? Hoping some pretty important packages get delivered juuuuust under the wire. Figuring out all sorts of coding language to help promote my amazing affiliates a lil better. Lil. That just made me miss The Lil Bee blog. Still. Where's the closest fax machine? I really need an office space in this house. And I need to order some earrings for the wedding. Stat. It'd probably be easier to just go downtown but I hate parking and there's going to be tons of people because it's holiday time and I just really don't feel like doing anything but watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn, or whatever the hells bells comes next in that awful tweenie movie series that I somehow got sucked into and cannot stop watching. Oh, and salad. I can't wait to eat my Blue Barn salad that's waiting for me in the fridge. And a client. I'd love a new client. I've stumbled across all sorts of amazingness lately and I want a reason to use it all. Why are my eyes so dry this morning? Should I get a facial today? 

So I bring you another post from my desktop. Because at least when all of this is said and done I'll be able to throw all of these images into folders, or the trash, and I'll have accomplished one thing today.

Oh, this is so cute. From the new Schoolhouse Electric collaboration with Yellow Owl Workshop. I am so using this in a kiddos room someday. Huuullllooo Client with a Kid? I'm ready for you!

A vintage chapati board. I do believe I would like this for Thanksgiving, and also for cheese, figs and nuts before dinner on the weekends.

This pillow is pretty. 

This bathroom got rave reviews all across the blogosphere. All I have to say is barf. What is the point of those massive sconces? The scale is just all wrong. Not a fan.

What a sweet pink bowl. So delicate. 

The inimitable Rachel Zoe did wrapping paper for One Kings Lane. Get it. This animal print is awesome.

Oh, and while I was just over at OKL fetching that link I realized that Diane Keaton's got a Tastemaker Tag Sale going on. Oh hey Diane. Nice stuff. This Guatemalan table is pretty dope with its spindle legs.

I bet you guys are wondering at this point if I'm intentionally trying to bring you the ugliest laid out blog post that has ever been posted. Weeell. Not intentionally. Now, back into the brain.

I think we need a new shower curtain. John Robshaw never hurts.

YES. yesyesyesyesyesyes. Holiday candle time! I am all over this one. 

Hmmm. I'm afraid I'm quite confused here. Not only is this functionally stupid but it also looks stupid. Dumb. And I'm glad that image is going right to the garbage for eternity. buh bye.

Please do tell me who really wants to wash their dishes while teetering on river rocks. Washing dishes already sucks enough on its own. I don't need a boulder placed cleverly right behind my feet so I wipe out everytime I try to walk away. Stop. Between the stairs up there and this dish washing river bed I am lost.

Whoa. This pillow reminds me of when I was an intern for Ann Getty and I would spend entire afternoons unpacking boxes of the ugliest pillows you have ever laid your eyes on.

Was perusing Tiny Prints for some wedding announcements and Christmas cards. Made me want to throw a tree trimming party, a cookie exchange party, a Christmas party, a mustache party. Party party party. They've got some cute stuff over there.

Oh my God. Now get me out of here. Maybe when I publish this post and close my computer my brain will magically snap itself back into shape. Fingers crossed.


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