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Well hello, you dolls. It has been a festivity-filled weekend around these parts, all sorts of fun holiday dinners and drinks and general celebrating with friends. We made the trek out to the hinterlands of Danville last night ("Where???" you ask. "Danville. You have to take a HIGHWAY to get there. It's maaaagical.") to visit some dear friends who gifted us the sweetest wedding album and framed photos of our day. Yeah, sometimes your friends? They bring you to tears with their thoughtfulness. This was one of those times. But back to Danville. Boy. It is quiet out there let me tell you. And oh so spacious with all those extra bedrooms and a *gasp* basement. It certainly got me all jazzed up to get the hells bells outta this teensy closet we live in and into something with some space to move around and, ahem, decorate. It really does give me some anxiety, this whole thinking-about-eventually-leaving-the-city- thing. You get so used to having the world at your fingertips. But, at the end of the day, our life has quieted down so much the past year and, when we really look at it, we spend most of our time at home. So it'd be nice to have a home where I didn't have to wrestle with 16 Le Crueset pots just to get to my mixer. It'll be awhile still, this whole moving thing. But it'll happen, yes, it will. 

Anyhoo. Today we are doing some Christmas shopping and plenty of errands. The next few days before we leave for Washington are jam packed. Wrapping up the hotel project, on our end anyway, this week which I'm excited about. Come January we will be having a big, fancy website with actual photos of work and maybe some things for you to BUY. Lots of things need to happen leading up to that moment. T'will be hectic. So today you get the pleasure of seeing what's on my desktop. Don't worry, it'll be fun. 

 Design faux pas #1924. Just barf on this. It is so beyond ugly. Runners cut to match each room perfectly. I can't really imagine much worse. And please stop it with that gross blue with tan trim. Yuck.

 This, on the other hand, is pure heaven. Kiddo bliss. I am totally, completely in love with this.

And this. Geez. What a place to bathe. Just soaking it up, watching the snow come down, reading the new Elle Decor and drinking a glass of wine.

 In case you missed the news flash on all of the other blogs...J. Crew is having a 30% off everything sale. That's a lot you guys. Merry Christmas to me and you! I want these three things in a relatively bad way. So cute. 

 Cozy, grey goodness. My oh my. 

 Amber Valletta's room makeover a la Million Dollar Decorators. As far as I'm concerned that hot pink grasscloth is glorious and that bedding is, well, PERFECT. I want this to be my bed. I really want that throw on the end. And those wee pillows. 


 Simple, uncluttered. That oval portrait with the lamp up top is something I will be copying.

 Totally and completely mystified by this photo. Like really, utterly confused. I've been staring at it for days. How does one presume to wash dishes in this sink? With a three foot counter in front of it. Unless you've got your gadget arms out I really don't see how this would work. Am I missing something? You guys? 


Fine lines and leather. Oh, and herringbone floors. 

 Can't even deal with this it is so lovely. I would gladly sleep in a twin bed for this room.


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